01. God,even if He has any remote intention of making His appearance when everything in this world is in utter confusion, it is right time now.
02. Believers in God can't explain certain things satisfactorily. There can only be dogmatic assertions.Similarly,disbelievers can also not explain certain things satisfactorily. That is the whole problem. Suspense from beginning to

03. While so many are in agony at any point of time,it is difficult to conceive compassion as an element in the composition of God.#God

04. Where do ideas come from.Not from the brain certainly.Or else we can place orders with the brain as with a waiter in a 5 star hotel.#ideas

05. God must be made of stubborn stuff.Otherwise He can't keep quiet for eons,while all his subjects are wondering , wherefrom they came, why, for how long and how they will exit.#God

06 If every human behaviour can be traced to occurrences in early childhood,or later,then nobody need be praised, or, can be punished, for anything done.#behaviour

07. All living beings must be made up of magnetic material perhaps.or else why do like poles repel and unlike ones attract in all species as a rule- human or otherwise?#magnetism

08. Strange that we handle with perfect ease, electrical appliances that separate us from from deadly electricity, only by an inch or less.#electricity.

09. The pangs of loneliness, so often sufferred by the elderly,cannot be adequately understood by the busy young, saddled with tight schedules and left with no time to rest or think.#loneliness

10. Sometimes ,wellwishers speaking unpalatable truth ,appear as doomsayers and are consequently shunned. Gogetters then become good company. This is the dark side of advice.#advice

11. A man's views on any subject are circumscribed by his upbringing, attitude,and current circumstances.This explains the scarcity of impartial judgement..#impartial

12.If the other person does not hear,he may be short of hearing. If he does not listen, that may be his lack of interest or positive aversion. If he does not understand,that is his IQ. If he does not appreciate,that is his outlook.#outlook·

13.If you tell something which the other fellow knows already ,that is redundant.. If he does not know and does not want to hear ,that is unwarranted. If he does not know and will love to hear, then that is welcome. Fundamentals of pleasing behaviour.#pleasing

14.If you should like a person,you must have deep interest either in him,or in a person or subject, in which he is deeply interested.#interest

15.When you dont have any problem in life,a new problem crops up,called boredom.#boredom,./
16. Some tweets go viral in no time.Depends on timing. Depends also on the time of individuals involved. Can pave the way to a gallantry award or to gallows!#viral
17. A trapped animal can think of nothing except escape into the outside world.The trapped soul of an aspirant cant think of anything except escaping from this world.#soul

18. Every invention takes the lustre out of previous ones in the same line.#invention

19. If you manage a thing exceedingly well,and things go on smoothly in your absence too,then you may either be happy with your training skill,or be sore that after all you are not indispensable.#dispensable

20. One tweet can make or mar your relationship at personal level. Boost or spoil your image at social level. Attract or estrange millions of voters at political level.#tweetpower

21. Today's loss goes to make tomorrows tax lighter. Silverlining in the (taxation) cloud!#tax

22. Scooters are a boon to ladies. They provide them easy mobility,and among other things consequent freedom to take to careers like men.#women

23. Artists obey the call of instinct. They dont respond to the call of public demand, but at the same time long for recognition.This is an inevitable conflict is aspirations.#artists

24 .NRIs in US, if they get pregnant while abroad, prefer to have their children delivered there itself.The babies are MADE IN USA but by Indian technocrats!#NRI

25. Some people are in a hurry to accuse others. They feel that otherwise they may get accused.#guilt

26. Fishing is viewed as a symbol of peaceful pastime. We forget the pangs of the dying fish.#pain

27. It is ironical that man finds time to learn crucial things in life,only after his active life has passed,and he is near the end.#life

28. See a cockroach .Kill it. See a rodent. Kill it. They are created with instinct of hunger,but not endowed with hands to produce. Therefore,they steal and can't help it. And we can't help killing them either. Food for thought for philosophers.#philosophy

29. A story is a series of statements,which we know to be untrue,but still love to hear.This is one aspect of human nature.#human

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30. News report.Son wanted Jaguar. Dad gave BMW.Son vexed.Threw it into river.Police came. Dad said"nothing.Just a minor accident". Son can exclaim"What the hell did dad think I can do with a BMW?".Everybody will have an explanation.The question is how far acceptable?#justfy

31. Sometimes,innocuous questions may irritate others because of the particular situation they are in. You can blame neither the former for his innocence , nor the latter for the circumstances they are in.#circumstances

32. Some speed on the highway to happiness.Some others are stuck up in the dark lanes of sorrow.Logic at loggerheads!

33. Money lends charm to persons,places,pronouncements,actions,events and nearly everything. It can make you glow in dark and glitter
in light.#money

34. To expect something to happen,even in the absence of clear proof ,is positive thinking. To expect same in the absence of any proof in that direction,is wishful thinking. Expecting things,in the face of clear proof to the contrary,is foolish thinking /blind belief.#thinking

35. If everybody were to read everything posted by everybody else in his several groups,then his essential duties will be endlessly postponed,or altogether lost sight of.#socialmedia

36.If a wellwisher tenders advice in good spirit,it must be considered on merits,and followed if sensible,or ignored if it does not appeal. In any case,thereis no need to fall foul with him.#advice

37. Charity begins at home.That is ok, but should not end there.#charity

38. To suffer in silence when things go awry is one thing.But merit lies in finding a solution.#suffer

39. You need licence to drive a car. You have to follow traffic rules .Running a family is similar. You have to follow the unwritten laws of society followed for years. Car may be yours but the road is common to all.Your family is yours but society is not. That is it.#society

40.Readers go for the book they deserve and books get the readers they deserve.#books

41. Some people do not mind wasting govt funds.They think it comes from above.Actually it is money coming from sideways from other people as direct taxes and indirect taxes,and not from the sky.#taxes

42. You kill for food.May be ok.But why kill yourself with junk food?#junk

43. There can be no fruitful discussion between two persons, if each of them is miles off the meeting point in attitude.#ATTITUDE
44.Punch dialogues give a punch to the thought process.#punch

45. The success of politicians lies in the art of converting milling crowds into yelling crowds.#politicstoday

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46. Failure of today is lesson for tomorrow #failure

47.. Precaution is caution fortified #caution

48.. Sometimes foresight may indicate imminent danger. Is it to be dismissed as negative thinking?#thinking

49. Believers may suffer as much as nonbelievers. But faith has still one advantage. They expect that God will help them at the right time #God

50. An avalanche of NRIs makes locals in India feel out of date...#NRI