DATED 24th aug 2019


01. It is one thing to know, another to realise. Former is superficial..latter is of deeper origin..e.g..Speed kills #realise


02.Industrial revolution displaced labourers .Online shops eclipse retailers. Computers displace even the brainy. Some facts you know but cant do anything to stem the tide.# industry.


03. When you are worried you look down. When carefree look straight ,and you look up when happy and laughing. Emotion appears to have a directional property.#  emotion


04.Sometimes you may tender an advice in all innocence and think it is a gift in a platter. May be the other feels it is monumental ignorance, idle curiosity, unwanted interference, or even calculated mischief or pin in a plantain.Beware!


05. Some detest our country and want to move and settle in US. Some others love our traditions, at least as of now, and yet prefer to settle in US and follow our traditions as far as possible.US is thus a land of fantasy for all Indians.# USA


06. You can see clearly in bright light. Think clearly in light not so bright. #think


07. Seeing has a shortcut to brain, compared to reading which has to passthrough  understanding. Consequently, seeing occupies much of the portfolio, and dislodges reading to a corner. No wonder book reading is a dying culture. #books


08. Babies are dependent on us, and we take pleasure in introducing them to the ways of the world. At some stage in life, we expect them to be independent. Further on, we expect them to take care of us also. Stages 1and2 ok. Stage 3 is a guess!# children


09. God is a marketeer par excellence. He developed a high class technique of temptation, to get his product--the baby--in circulation in this planet. But this child, when grown up, tries to hood wink its Maker, with its own innovative techniques of blockade #God


10. Babies are made in heaven. They are expected to be downloaded on earth at the appointed time and place, through designated parents #birth


11.  One should die when near ones are likely to cry. Not linger on till they are fed up with you and feel like crying.# death


12.  Nobody is alone where there is a cellphone. #cellphone


13. Better stay cool and see what remains than go beserk and topple the cart. #staycool


14. When tempers run high, solution takes flight. #anger


15. Angry words cut deep. Soothing words sure heal. #anger


16. Where expression is suppressed anger surges. #anger


17. Gentlemen settle disputes through discussion and not through rattling of swords. #disputes


dated 7th sep 2019



18. Though treatment of disease is the primary object of hospitals, some hospitals show interest in prevention of disease as well. #disease


19. When we dont agree on something, maybe we have reasons ,or it is just prejudice. Even when we have reasons, it may be justifiable, but not mentionable, or not quite justifiable . It is then time to break off with "Let us agree to disagree".#opinion


20. Your words may get a listening today, tomorrow or never. If propelled by innate passion, this should not matter to you. #passion


21. You cant see if your eyes are closed. Also if you are blinded by fate. #fate


22. Some people dont need advice. Some others dont know they need advice. #advice



23. We choose top notch MBAs for high managerial positions involving millions of rupees/dollars, but leave the management of people to all and sundry. It is a wonder how things dont go awry.,and we all survive. Such miracles augment our faith in God!#democracy.


24. God was always considered omniscient, and God only. Now it looks as if Google is hovering very close. #google


25.Failing energy with passing years,may impact your views on life, till then firmly held. #life


26.Though old in body, some are bold in mind #oldage


•27. Any writer,actor,or singer or any artist for that matter, must choose between better audience and bigger audience, because when one is targetted the other will be antagonised. #audience


28.Laws are by and large good. It is a wonder that it is so. Because, these laws are enacted by forums consisting of persons, most of whom have criminal cases pending against them. #lawmakers


29.Recognition is the most sought after prize for human beings. It is almost paripassu with the biological urge.# recognition


30. When a dog barks, it is trying to convey something. We don't understand that it is so, and much less what it is. Neverthless, it continues to bark. The position of incessant advice is no better!#advice


31.When a person is in trouble,he prefers to hear soothing words and not technical advice, however sound it may be. Right or wrong, this is human nature. #advice


32. Soothing words don't cure illness or solve your problems. But they help make you stable 

enough to face the challenge .#soothing


33.Courage is of two kinds. Born of knowledge and born of ignorance. A test pilot knows the risk he is taking, and is confident he can manage. A child walking into deep waters,simply does not know the risk involved. There are many go-in-between cases in life. #courage


34.Unless a person luckily dies before getting very old, he has to undergo all the process of ageing,ie. deteriorated functioning of the senses--the audio,the video,the motorised parts and the sensory parts,slowly, till he ultimately comes to a stop at an ICU.#oldage


35. In a busy highway, you can't stop for a change just like that. In today's fast life, you can't stop to think for a while. #thinking


36.Without water plant withers. Without participation, ideas shrink. #ideas


37. A thought provoking statement is an invitation to thinking..Not a proclamation of dogmatic truth. #thought


38.Some prefer to court risks in life--if necessary swing between massive riches and abject poverty. Even keel is not their cup of tea. #risk


39. The charming chimes of a striking clock, gently remind you that an hour has passed and you are nearer to your end than where you were one hour ago. A reflection which many may resent, and they are justified also!#life


40. Youth is strong in body and bold in mind, but to philosophical ideas ,blind. That last one is reserved for consideration, late and last in life. What should come first comes last in life. What an irony!#life

41. In the much needed ruthless suppression of evil, casualty of a few innocent may be inevitable. They are martyrs for a good cause,though not by their own choice.#EVIL

42. Truth can be readily revealed if palatable. Otherwise ,if it is explosive or tricky,has to be dressed up before disclosure.#truth

43. The use of revolver without inhibition will render the task of ensuring justice,much easier than otherwise.#justice

44. Life is a mystery from start to finish. Start from nowhere,wander thro unpredictables,and end up ,when,where or idea.#li

45. Force succeeds where advice fails. In other words,in some cases,force has no alternative.#force

46. A few provisions for death penalty are better than tonnes of sermon.#penalty

47. Exaggeration,oversimplification,obliteration,suppression and modification of sequence of facts or events,are some of the tools in the arsenal of the humourist.#humour

48. The success of execution of any project will be greatly enhanced by a provision for execution of those found guilty of corruption ,at any level whatsoever.#corruption

49. You do what you like.But it should not be illegal or unjustified. Between liking and justification,the latter must be given precedence.#liking

50. God is the deepest mystery in man's life.Also one of the longest duration,because it lasts from his birth to death.#God