01. Inspection and corruption are like Siamese Twins in most countries.#corruption

 02.When judging people, places or events, some people will be satisfied if they are good enough. But some perfectionists

     always insist for the moon.#perfection

 03. Pleasant weather will have no impact, if your life is not pleasant.#weather

 04.. In some cases,keenness of intellect is spoiled by erratic behaviour.#idiosynchracy

 05. Statements by celebrities can be meaningful or stupid, appealing or repulsive, or sensible or sentimental. The public have

      to digest all.#celebrity

 06. Newspapers have a separate section for sports. Actually they should open another section for "CRIMES",to be subdivided

        into MURDER,THEFT,RAPE,FINANCIAL FRAUDS etc. They are so many nowadays!#crime

 07. A shivering man need not ask for a shawl. We should know it.#povert

08. Democracy on ground can be very different from democracy on paper.This cleavage in effect makes all life miserable.#democracy

 09. When health deteriorates you sulk .When you sulk for any reason, health deteriorates.#health

10. Frank tweets from VIPs make public life more transparent. For good or for evil, one cannot say. #tweets

                                                                                     Posted on 24th OCT 2019

11. Faith benefits only those who believe. It is not like a torch that gives light to all around. God could have been more magnanimous #God

 12. If by any chance, Google ceases to function, most people will go beserk. We meekly submit to this situation, w/o any guarantee from any source, that such a thing will not or cannot happen. Take it easy policy! #google

13. Internet permeates our life like no other,_for good or for evil. #internet

14. Good news in social media go unnoticed and have a premature demise. Bad news go viral overnight. #news

 15.The undue speed in our life style, contributed by  cellphones, wreaks peaceful living, in a more extensive and intensive manner,       than is usually presumed or predicted. #peace

16. One who advises presumes that he knows better than the other. This can work for good, or wreck relationships. None can predict. #advice

 17. A Swamiji tries to change people to their own advantage and usually fails. An average politician tries to change people to his own advantage, and usually succeeds.  #politics

 18. Solitude can result in boredom or bliss of meditation, depending on your inclination arising from birth or training. #meditation

19.When a young man falls sick, he is expected to recover soon. When an old man slips from health ,he is sometimes told his problem is age related. That means he has to put up with it. Anyway he is on the way out. Some people dont like this kind of diagnosis! #oldage

20 .Corruption is of 2 kinds. Pay bribe if you dont follow rules. Pay bribe even if you follow rules. In the latter case the rule appears to be "Pay the bribe as a matter of course"#corruption


                                                                POSTED ON 26TH OCTOBER 2019...items 21 to 28

21. Computer and internet are resident spies at home.Mobilephone is a pocket friendly spy. Beware!#spy

22. If we give God a shape,then the question arises as to what is outside of that.If He has no shape,we can be rightly be inquisitive about His whereabouts To say that He is here,there and everywhere,serves to cloud our understanding beyond repair or redemption. #GOD

23. Idol worship is clearly built on loose soil because the very admission that it is only a symbol shows that it is not God. Then where is HE? Why so elusive? #God

24. The only thing very clear about Creation is that it is an absolute mystery, all religions notwithstanding. #CREATION

25. If truth can be realised only after reading a thousand or ten thousand pages of religious text repeatedly, that is bad introduction to Truth. #Truth

26. Virtue and vice must be man made classification.Otherwise why should God allow both and give them distinct labels as good and bad?#God

27. In the final analysis , what counts is your bank balance,some believe. Or is it your karma? Some have a ready answer. Your bank balance itself is the result of your karma! May be they are right!  #karma

28. Some may be delighted if you enumerate the bad qualities of another, but not relish if you extoll the virtues of others. #virtue


                                                                                  POSTED  ON  28th OCT 2019

 29. Internet is the combined result of intellectual prowess,scientific innovation and commercial excellence.#internet

30. A proverb is a timetested advice,warning or well deserved appreciation.#proverb

31. What goes unnoticed,can be be trash or treasure,nobody knows.#treasure

32.Wrong doing by a few,however monumental it may be, if and merely because that goes unpunished,(for whatever reason)cannot ipso facto justify wrongdoing by others. One NIRAV MODI or one VIJAY MALLAYYA, cannot confer onothers the right for wrongdoing.#wrong

33.Guarded secrets are like forbidden fruits.#secrets

34. Posthumous awards are instances of belated recognition. It neither gives the doer the benefit of satisfaction,nor does it confer the intended benefit on others,till the time of recognition or perhaps does never ,if that is too late.#posthumous

35.Nothing ordained fails & nothing clicks unless destined to. And yet we can't sit pretty.We have to foam and fret in the name ofplanning for the day and for tomorrow. This is ironical.#

36.Laws are expd to be made by elected bodies only.Courts can intervene only if constitutional provisions are violated and not
otherwise.Some judgements tend to tread on this power of elected reps.Dont know how?#lawmaking

37. Power of limbs,eyes and ears are the same for all generally unless handicapped.But power of brain vastly differs. You can
 ask a person,why don't you see, hear or speak,but not why not understand,because understanding is based on brainwork.#brain

38.Rockets at ground level may enable superfast travel,which is not the need of the hour. Rockets at an angle may help hit neighbours-- again not desirable.Vertical rockets to explore other planets,also seem pointless.We have't yet learnt to live peacefully on Earth.#rockets

39. More friends on social media,less in real life.More long distance talk,less with neighbourhood.#friends

40.More sophistication means less talk,less info,less truth,less depth,less concern and less sharing-- all operating at surface level smoothly,
while the layers below are placid.#sophistication

41. There can be a slip between one step and another. This is a source of strength for othopaedic surgeons.#orthopaedics

42.Every flight is chartered by airline operators.But the safety parameters ae so many and so complicated that the flights are really managed
 by fate.That we take it so easy is surprising if you come to think of it.#safety

43.Some live and die without a trace.Some shine all through.Some others get belated recognition,and a few get only posthumous honours.#recognition

44. Dark clouds on the sky foretell imminent rain. Sharp differences in attitude suggest oncoming breakup.#relationship

45.Some entice you with their looks,manners,or actions.Some others antagonise you.#manners


                                                                                 CONTD  on 2nd NOV 2019

 46. News  report on 31st oct 2019."Rising sea may put 36 million Indians at risk by the year 2050.Chennai in red zone."Children born today will be around 30 years old by then.Couples should  therefore think twice before going in for treatment of infertility #infertility

 47. If God does not know what is happening, that is bad. If He does not care, that is worse. If He silently keeps note of everything man does ,

or fails to do,& holds him answerable for all that, at a later date ,in this or the next birth, that sounds very unfair .#karma

 48. Man is born w/o his knowledge/consent,& propelled by inbuilt instincts and battered by external circumstances. So to keep a minute

account of the activities of this innocent one, label it as karma &hold it liable for punishment if necessary, sounds harsh and unethical. #karma

 49. Flowers bloom at the appropriate season. Your times too behave likewise .#times

 50. Good times and bad times promptly keep their appointments . #goodtimes