01. Celebrities have more money to spend, and more weight in society, but have less freedom to move around.#celebrity

02.Body chemistry, external influence, and inbuilt affinities and aversions, decide a man's course of action. He is held at the centre, though that is not really his place.#influence

03. Society as a rule has blurred vision. It will always miss the underlying facts. It will punish the rapist ,but pamper the erotic artists and their tribe in films and elsewhere. The guilty will go scotfree and the victim victimised again.#vision

04.A rupture on the surface can be the result of rumblings underground. This you realise in the course of discussions..#thoughts

05.A busy road at midday bustles with traffic,but becomes still at night. What a difference! Mind also is like a road. Thoughts are traffic.#quiet

06. Merit lies in being able to see yourself from a distance.(of course without a mirror).#self

07. Belated recognition, anything, after prolonged resistance or neglect, points out a flaw in the norms for social acceptance .#acceptance

08. A smile in anticipation can be a prelude to acceptance. But things can anytime go awry.#smile

09. If your luck and talent are at loggerheads, you can't reach very far.#luck

10. Without a magnetic leader of sterling character ,no movement can grow into gigantic proportions.#movement

11. Result without effort, gains without pain, profit without risk and return without investment, can all happen once in a way. Cannot be expected as a matter of course.#gains

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12.Serious illness in old age is a passport for the other world. Receive one from US embassy, are all smiles, take leave of friends &relatives,(with green card in the back of the mind) and land in US within a week. But whatever be the age, we fight illness to the finish!#oldage

13.. If a person is determined not to get convinced, there is no point in pondering over how best you can marshal your facts figures and logic .#prejudice

14.If you expect some good thing, and it does not happen, your mind generally gives time. You visualise some simple reasons for the delay, and do not worry. It does't happen still. You give more time. Still nothing happens. Now hope wears out slowly and fades into despair.#despair

15. If all around you are at tension, you will not get any attention.#attention

16.Moe popularity begets more concerns, less privacy and less peace of mind.#popularity

17. Media power is monumental power. And it can make or mar you depending on its direction .#media

18. When strangers appreciate you, they do so for what you are. When neighbours appreciate, they know also who you are. And this has added kick. Call it ego or by whatever name. #appreciate

19. The menace of social media, with its endless gossip, trash and trivia, can be greatly curbed with the levy of a little tax on every post, to be paid by the user. # socialmedia

20. If you speak without a listener, you are a madcap. If write without a reader, maybe you are a tweeter! #tweet

21.Belief is blind support for the mind. Rational thinking can knock the bottom out of it. Who is the loser?#thinking

22. Ideas that strike suddenly can also vanish as suddenly. So, capture them immediately. #ideas

23. Problems that defy solution are called nagging problems. But for this quality, the word problem would have become obsolete long ago. #problem

24. Man is sometimes battered by bad dreams at night as if his realtime worries are not sufficient. #dreams

25. It was believed that gurudakshana (fees to the guru)was a must for lasting knowledge. But nowadays we learn a lot fro google and youtube without paying anything to anybody.#guru

26. If only I have the powers to instantly know where any crime is going to occur, and also the power to stop it,I will ensure that nothing untoward happens anywhere. But then God must be having these powers already.Why then.....?.#GOD

27. Social media is prone to be used as the best ever invented sure way to waste time in the most criminal manner.#socialmedia

28. It is difficult to climb a ladder in old age. This includes ladder to riches, fame etc #oldage

29. When there is a torrential flow of ideas in unchartered territory,and that is also propelled by powerful vocabulary,a magnetic speaker is identified. #speaker

30. Democracy is a good concept on considerations of Justice. But it does not work as a political system.#democracy

31. TWITTER is an easygo for thoughts flow. Over to the world in no time and at no cost. Whether your ideas are cherished by others, or perish in isolation, unsung and unheard, is a different matter. #tweets

32. Some saintly people advise : " Change yourself. Dont try to change others". If only everybody had been following This dictum, then women will be entering (or be pushed into) the funeral pyre of their husbands, even today. #change

33. For anybody, any day can be the last day in life. Though this is an obvious and obviously significant fact, you can't do anything, if you take this seriously. #lastday

34. Conversation, discussion, debate and gossip, all lie in adjacent territories. #discussion

35. There can be only bare listening if there is no application of mind. It will not get us anywhere. #listen

36. Ideas suppressed bother you. Ideas expressed enliven you. Ideas appreciated exhilarate you. #ideas

37. You can neither kick out of the mind, the ideas that arise naturally, nor kickstart ideas at will. #ideas

38. Robust intelligence, extensive reading, wide experience, a broad heart and a lot of intuition are some ingredients of wisdom. #wisdom

39. The difference between interference and indifference is hard to define. A familiar dilemma in parents-children Relationship #interference

40. Advisory is telling what a person should better do or not do. Being supportive means supporting whatever the other does, unmindful of whatever you think of it. If you have the freedom to choose, advisory is the better option. #advice

41. I can accept or reject what I understand. I will not however be inclined to accept, or bold to reject, the concept of God as He is in the realm of mystery. #God

42. So many millions are so deeply religious, when so many facts of life are so very inexplicable, inconsistent, contradictory or confusing. This is a first rate wonder. #God

43. Moments of pleasure are no compensation for incidence of pain, however liberal the ratio may be. #pain

44. Some take decisions intuitively, whether you call it a command from subconscious mind, or guidance from above. There are others who strictly follow the route inspired by logic. #intuition

45. Craving for recognition is ingrained in everybody's nature. It is therefore good policy to appreciate liberally whenever that is possible. #recognition

46. Though alert to others' faults, some are blind to their own .#faults

47 .QUICK to criticise, some are, but hesitant to appreciate. #criticism

48. Some talk endlessly and dont listen. Some others are patient listeners, but dont open their mouth.Neither is good company. #company

49. Age exists only in the mind,some hold.This is wholly unacceptable.The effect of age sets in at different ages for different persons,essentialy due to changing conditions in the body,dictated by physical structure, chemical processes, molecular interactions,
physiological mechanisms, etc ,much of it can also be conditioned by the mind.When it does occur,it is very real,and cannot be annulled or redesigned by appropriate thinking alone.#Life

50. Everybody wants to live as long as possible. But some only are wanted by others(the family or others at large) to live long,
if not forever.#life


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