01. In old age,if you do not keep your wife informed about your assets and liabilities,she may be in trouble after you leave..But, sometimes if you do,you may be in soup immediately. You have to strike a balance!#oldage

02. Celebrities and hardcore criminals are etched in our memory. The mediocre fade in no time.#memory

03. Reputation can be lost in no time,but a stigma is difficult to erase.#stigma

04. Pillows for the feet,are either waranted by medical advice,or prompted by sound financial affluence.#finance

05God often ignores the fervent prayer of devout couples pining for a child,and bestows the favour instead on couples averse to it,or atleast not anxious,ready,willing or waiting for children. He only knows why.#GOD

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06.. In the hospital,if you are not prompt in settling the dues for treatment, naturally,you can expect some illteatment.#hospital

07. Generally speaking,body deteriorates faster than the mind,with the result that,at some stage,the energy of the body is not able to cope up with the aspirations of the mind.#body

08. Philosophers appear to say that there is no such thing separately as dream,and that ,day or night,all life is a dream all the time.Pure consciousness is the real wakeup stage.#consciousness

09. You can't can't get less from the world.Can't speak.can't give less to the world.#illness

10. The greatest pleasure and the greatest pain may run close to each other.Up in the air in a Giant Wheel, it is exhilarating. Just one malfunction, and you come down writhing in pain.#pleasure

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11.. Some people who are bitter with their wives now, may later if they survive her, feel that life was much better then.#oldage

12.. You need not be familiar with the mechanism of car or TV. Concerned mechanics will take care of it. Worst for worst, the items can be replaced. But our body is different.We must take care of it ourselves. Doctors can only help. Bodies are't replacable. #body

13.God is not approachable or contactable. He is not visible and is touch proof. So He always remains in the realm of intelligent guess and endless discussion about His whereabouts, for many. #GOD

14. The engine can be kept idling, when a car is not moving. This is similar to the state our mind, when we are not doing anything. We dont switch off the mind! #mind

15..Any commercial establishment, including hospital aspires to maximise its revenues. In the case of hospital, the patient will resist this in his interest. However this will not be the case if treatment is free or insurance covered. Here is a snag. #hospital

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16. The steps we take coincide with the fingerprint of our fate.#fate

17. The enormous risk we take in travelling through dense and haphazard traffic,day in and day out,is highly inconsistent with the intense grief associated with death.#death

18.We call animals as dumb creatures. But what are we before dominant political leaders indulging in tyrannical practices,even in a democratic setup? #tyranny

19. By enabling you to communicate with the world,anytime and any number of times,in little time and at no cost,social media like twitter,help you to release pressure from agitating minds,with or without any perceptible effect on the outside world.#twitter

20.Some application forms are very harsh in format,content and space allowed.Almost like asking the applicants to send with the application,one litre of blood,taken from his body,& duly certified as such by a gazetted officer,and witnessed by three respectable witnesses.#forms

21.Many people who can perform miracles live and die as ordinary magicians.But the more resourceful among them,pass out as godmen with name ,fame and countless riches.#godmen

22. Hangmen can be proud of their jobs.They are putting an end to sinful lives,that have caused untold misery to countless persons through their merciless behaviour.#hanging

23. Persons who should hang their heads in absolute shame for their ruthless behaviour,are fit to hang by the rope.#hanging

24.Quick justice is the need of the hour.The more difficult part of apprehending the culprits,from out of thousands around,if not more,is done by the police. Asto whether these persons are really guilty,should not take years to find. Maybe our judicial system needs reform.#law

25.Some of the forms prescribed by Govt/companies,are in extemely small print,and the small space allowed is not commensurate with the likely need,and are wholly unimaginative and irritating.#forms

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26.Laws are what Govts make,and people break #corruption

27.These days,right course heading for wrong results gets a back seat.Wrong course leading to right results,is preferred instead. Topsy turvy world!#right

28.Elected representatives make Laws.The electorate break them,for individual benefit ,abetted by employees.Who is to blame?#corruption

29. Govt pays its employees for enforcing the Law. Atleast in some cases,people pay them for hoodwinking the Law.The employees get paid both ways.They are happy and the public are happy. Who is unhappy?.#corruption

30. Have a look at the picture in CHENNAI TIMES of Times Of India dt20thDec2019.What exactly is the intention behind? Is it not correct to infer that these people (and their tribe)play a vital role in the increasing incidence of rape? Women’s organisations to consider.#rape

31. Difficult to organise. Easy to disrupt. Easy to follow. Difficult to lead. #leadership

32. Ideas are born at random. Not produced at will .#idea

33.Out of the box ideas executed at great cost, if click well,can catapult you to name and fame. Or else, you are doomed. #ideas

34. Vigorous pursuit of money is a dangerous occupation. It can either lodge you in the lap of luxury, or dump you in the dark alleys of misery,never before seen or heard.#money

35.God has given us eyes to see everything and everybody except the donor. Why so? He only knows!#god

36. Women faced risk if they wore gold. No gold no risk.Those days are gone. Now the risk is their bodies, which they can't do without. A very sad development, for which it is difficult to apportion responsibilities. #women

37.. In the ultimate analysis, sans sentiment, death penaly is more human and more sane, besides being more deterrent, than life sentence, which entails years of agony for the person and his family leaving him shaken and broken at the end .Sad but true. #penalty

38..When the the floundering agility of body lags behind the continuing alertness of the mind, as it so often happens, the result is dismay and disappointment .#mind

·39. A committee should be formed to defend the police before the euphoria over rendering of instant justice in the Hyderabad rape case is dissipated. You can expect onslaught from unthinking Rights activists.The committee should plead to be included as a party in the case.#rape

40.. Alleviation of suffering and avoidance of death are twin objectives of medical treatment. One is very necessary and always necessary. The other depends on age, condition and other parameters .#medical

·41.Some reach the doorway to death quickly and without pain. Some others are destined to take an arduous route,paved with intense pain,imense grief,and enormous cost.#death

42. Thrill is momentary. Happiness lasts longer. Quietitude is more stable..#Thrill

 43.It is easier to see God in your body, than in the idols you worship, because you know who sculptured the idols, why and, how,but not who made your body ,why when or how .#God

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44.Filthy rich is a significant phrase. It suggests a possible relationship between filth and riches.#riches

45. Money is an intoxicant non pareil.#money

46.Otherwise vocal critics go dumb before money/power.#power

47.Some people who prefer to be alone are not receptive to conversation.They always adopt a whatnext attitude while conversing.#conversation

48.The same person is one thing when careworn,and another when carefree.When careworn,looks down and wants to be left alone.When carefree looks up and is receptive.#worry

 49.Money is an excellent makeup artiste.Can close all ugly features,and highlight others in closeup view.

 50.For some,routine is the cup of tea. Some others want change all the time.#change