01. Ideas of today can be assets of tomorow,if duly recognised. Or else,if ignored,they will vanish into thin air, or may be enter into another's head,if so destined.#ideas

02. Your weakness can be another's asset. Beware!#asset

03. A jar half full,it is said,can also be viewed as half empty.That is negative attitude.But then the chap who sees it is half empty,will take steps to fill it. The other will sit pretty till the jar is empty.I dont see any great philosophy lurking inside the jar.#philosophy

04.Some people have catchy solutions forall problems."Dont worry about children.They will lead their lives.After all,they are not born to you,only borne through you".They say.OK.Fine.But if this pseudo theory is ingrained in their minds,book your oldage homes right now.#oldage .

.05.Sometimes if you pour a dash of cold water over a struggling insect,intending to give it lasting freedom from everlasting misery, the insect suddenly becomes alert and escapes in no time,perhaps to serve destiny as originally intended.#fate

06. Some people demand bribe because they genuinely feel that the other fellow is making a lot of money,and there is really no harm in sharing a little of it with him.Logic may sound fine, but what is their status when there is loss?.#corruption

07. No one can be asked to ignore his problems merely because they are nothing compared to what others have.Relative insignificance is no excuse for inaction or inattention.#problem

08. Jokes,whatever be their punch or kick,have a time and place to crack.#jokes

09. Lots of offences warrant death sentence, more than what is envisaged in our laws. Laxity in law is the largest single reason for proliferatiom of cimes.#crime

10. Sophistication is complication with glamour (and often without grammar).#sophistication

11.People dont bother about what you are doing..make furnitue or films, create a work of art,or produce paperbags or plumcakes. They only see what money you make (or fail to make) and rank you accordingly. And you can't blame them either.#riches

12. We welcome an end to any knd of misery. Life is an exception even if it be miserable .We sure dont want to go.Instead resist the transit, till the very end.#misery

13. Knowledge evokes respect.Riches inspire awe.#riches

14.These days anything can be awesome,right from Niagra Falls to the tiniest pebble.#awesome

15.Ill gotten wealth has unquestionable stigma.Evaded tax is on a slightly different footing depending on the finer aspects of tax laws,their mode of operation etc,though basically not likely to be altogether free from guilt.#wealth

16. Everybody likes to be rich.But nobody likes the rich. Ironical!#riches

17. Marketing famous products may be enjoyable. As for new products from new companies,the road is rough and the going tough. A test for patience,faith,hope,grit and confidence.#marketing

18. Like speed controller fixed in vehicles (to avert accidents) God might have fixed limits for the reach of intellect. Try to find where He is,or what He is like,the system is switched off!#God

19. It is very difficult to overcome innate prejudice.That is why it is called prejudice.#attitude

20. In prayer,the following assumtions are made: 1)God does not know what I want .2) He will grant requests if explicitly made 3)He will not grant unless requests are made.These assumptions are practical necessities, though perhaps are of questionable validity.#God

21. When men vehemently discuss the existence of God, God does not cry out "Stop that nonsense.I am very much here!" and reveal his whereabouts, be it inside man (as religions suggest) or outside,up in the sky as many may think.That is the problem with Him!#God

22. Moving fast needs great alertness to avert the untoward,not only on the road,but also in career,business and life in general.A play of fate cannot also be ruled out.#life

23. Life is a long dream cut short by death,when we really wake up.#life

Items 15 to 23 were issued for the ebook published in May 2019

24. A hungry person steals a bread and he is jailed.Educated wellfed youth,play pranks,causing panic alaround,in an already jitterySociety gripped with spread of a deadly virus,and put govt machinery to stress,and they are let off with a warning.How sad!# pranks

25.We think we wake up after a dream.But actually it is still a dream of a different kind.When the time comes for us to realise that,we would have already left.#life

26.The man who has nothing to lose,and the man who can afford to lose anything,wield more power than those who fall in between.#power

27.Hardcore social evil must be faced squarely in the face,and fiercely fought, and not be converted into gripping themes for a popular cinema,for our pastime.Which cinema ever eradicated whichevil?.#cinema

28. Money can help foster fresh friendship,but old acquaintance may wither.#money

29. Some people avoid speaking or even thinking of undesirables. Can calculated indifference ,planned avoidance,or plain ignorance be a solution?.#problems

30.If truth is gloomy,should one speak out or keep mum?Acute awareness or blissful ignorance,which is desirable?#truth

31.Thanks to corona outbreak,now nobody knows who will live and who will leave.#CORONA

32.People are at home,and yet not"at home'due to corona scare.They are tense and not at all "at home".#corona

33.Unless one subscribes to the view that some problems will get solved,if left to themselves (convenient theory) one needs to work out a solution and thinking is the prelude to action and should not be shut out as unpleasant,unless driven to prayer as the last resort.#problems

34.. God if addressed can take one of the following stands reg CORONA; (1) I only sent it and that has a purpose.(Very unfortunate position!) (2)I dont know what is happening.Anyway I will look into the matter.(this is slightly better) (3) It is true that I created the Universe several light years ago,and was managing the affairs for eons ,but then I later gave up as things were going out of control.I don’t know who is in charge now.(This is the worst situation).One other grim possibility is that the messaging agency may report "addressee not found.message returned undelivered".#CORONA

ITEMS 24 to 34 posted on 27th March 2020

35.. Cunningness is cleverness buttressed with meticulous planning to achieve intended results.#cunning

36.The many jokes on corona, circulating in social media,would appear to suggest that people are incurably optimistic. It would be uncharitable to conclude that they are blissfully ignorant or grossly insensitive.#corona

37..The prediction months ahead, by an youngster by name Abhija, of the now unfolding colossal disaster ,called corona, for a majority of Earth's population,with repercussions on both life and economy, points attention to two vexing questions in life, viz. whether things are preordained and whether can be forecast. A confirmatory answer leads to a more vexing question, as to who and what for, unleashes such misery on Earth. The ready answer "karma" offerred by many, has too many infirmities that render it unacceptable.#corona

38. We usually complain that some activities of modern life, are unhealthy,unethical,undesirable,or harmful to the body or mind .Now,complete lock down due to corona scare, gives us an opportunity to review these ,and take appropriate corrective steps. Utopian dream!#corona

39. After people get accustomed to staying at home for days on end, doing nothing, thanks to CORONA SCARE, they may find it difficult to adjust to normal working life,thereafter.#corona

40.If there is going to be delay in developing medicine for CORONA VIRUS, the extent of likely damage to human lives in the meantime, and consequent financial and social upheavel, can be mind boggling. #corona

41.Public Health Dept takes preventive measures. The medl dept gives palliative care. In the absence of curative medicine,there is one to one fight between the CORONA virus and the antibodies. If antibodies win you survive. Or else you are gone forever. #CORONA

42.For guidance in all matters relating to the other world turn to God. For all matters on this side of the Earth, turn to google.#google

43. Diplomacy is a judicious combination of Truth, suppressed truth, and a particular manner of presentation.#diplomacy

44. Life is the longest dream one ever has,or had,in life. #dream

45. All life ends as a dream. For some a pleasant dream. For some others a horrible one.#life

PARAS 35 to 45 posted on 7th April 2020

46. Crime is fast. Justice is slow. And we pay the price.#justice

47. We are all quite free now due to lockdown on account of corona. And yet not free enough to meet or have a get together with friends and relatives. Ironical! #corona

48. Corona is double edged. Take the man's life if he comes out. Destroy his life support if he stays inside.#corona

49. Inner glow of the mind is eclipsed by the outer dazzle.#mind

50.This is an uncertain world. An uncharitable one too. You can neither anticipate anything nor be assured of justice.Corona is the latest & most horrible example. But there will still be ruthless believers who can explain it as intended punishment for misdeeds of man.#corona