01.  No action. Rest. No talk. Silence. No thought. Meditation.(provided you dont fall asleep).#meditation

02. The Second World War (1939-45)would have been witnessed only persons,who are 75 or over.And that excludes most politicians,bureaucrats, and celebrities of today. That war ,is easily the largest immediately preceding major catastrophy,that shook the world,before carona. And thee is one majordifference between the two wars. In that war man was pitted against man whereas Men stand united now: #corona
03. You can meet a boss. Listen to him. Talk to him. Maybe even discuss with him. But oh,no! Not argue with him, as that will put you on the way out.#boss

04. Corona has closed all doors to outside world. This gives man a chance to peep inside himself, if he is temperamentally so inclined. Or else ,TV is there
to keep the mind engaged without a break.#corona

05.Most peole do not understand the diffeence between God and Govt. Govts cannot solve every problem,that confronts Man,or meet his every need. That,
 only God can. #God

Corona viruses enter the human body , get attached to the organisms there,and eat them up for their sustenance. That is its nature. The human body becomes alert and produces antibodies to fight the virus.That is its nature.Fierce fighting ensues,and if the antibodies win ,virus dies.If the virus wins the man dies. That
is also very fair. But then a doubt arises.Who created the vius,who created the antibodies,and who kindled and umpired the fight between them,and why?

      Answer: God,God,God..Now oh God, I wonder what you are!#corona

07.A soap,a talcum powder, an oil, a perfume, a sight or sound, music or speech, a drink,or even a recollected memory of a past event--any of these can temporarily affect our mood,and alter our course of thinking for the moment for good or for evil. So fragile we are.#mood

08.You can legitimately ask/wonder where God is,or what He looks like, or why He does certain things (like tolerating evil),or why He does not do certain things.But you can't ask whether He is. That will not hold water .#God

09. Anybody can see God's hands in all that we see(or even can't see, like CORONA virus). But He does not show up His face. That is the problem.#God

10. Little star,Little star,how I wonder what you are..Philosophy starts at kindergarten level.#God

11.If only God can show up His face,for a change,atleast for a few seconds, to one and all (not only to the enlightened ones),then there won't be any religious
wars on earth. #God

12.There was a great blackout in NEWYORK in 1965,which left 30m people w/o electricity for 13 hrs.The report that there was a babyboom after 9 months,
was discounted as URBAN LEGEND by The Population Assn of U.S.A. Later on,a study in 2013,of the rolling blackout in Columbia concluded that, had the whole of Columbia lost power for a year, an addl 27000 children would have been born. (http://cep/lse/ac/uk/pubs/download/dp1247.pdf) .The corona lockdown beware!#corona

13. A journalist was sore over the deleterious effect on India,caused by foreign based social media of giant proportions.Any special reasons for India not sporting its own social media?Certainly,technical inadequacy or financial constraint cannot be the reason.#media
14. People expect with childish glee,that India will be the receptacle for all the industries,quitting China for various reasons (after corona). We forget for a moment,the resulting pollution,the destruction of natural resources,inroads into agriculture, the resulting wide disparities in income and the erosion
of human values.We dont realise that plenty is not the absolute hallmark of happiness,which actually lies in between plenty and penury.#industry

15. If corona does not chastise people,nothing else will.#corona

16. Millions can be made only in industry or politics. Capital sets the limit in industry. In politics,the sky is the limit.#politics

17.Justice exists only in the dictionary--not in real life. Or so it appears.#justice

18.Publicity and secrecy have their respective roles to play.If out of place or time,both can be disastrous.#publicity

19. It is held by some that when public health is at stake finance should not be a constraint.But then finance plays a role whether you assign or not. If your wife is terribly sick and you have no money and no scope to beg,borrow or steal,what can you do exactly? Suffer in silence. And a govt is no
different. Manipulation of finance has limits.There is always a difference between God and Govt,even when the demand is fair and just. You cannot expect from Govt all that you expect from God. eg.CORONA.#govt

20. An elephant was killed with fruit packed with a bomb. No doubt cruel and there was a furore. But actually man has all along been killing innocent animals and birds
for food or even sport. Nobody got furious,or shed tears on hearing the word CHICKEN ROAST. How come?#killing

21. Mounting misery around the world with the advent of corona,is bound to shake Belief in the minds of all right thinking people,unless they are stubborn addicts with sealed minds.#corona

22.From the present fighting status,Corona may push mankind to wait and watch situation.Something akin to truce in world wars.But that will not work out either.A very tricky situation indeed. Corona wants the proverbial pound of flesh and we cannot afford to give.#COVIDー19

23.Ever since Corona has landed,our future is in guessland.#Corona

24.Existence of God is a perfectly rational concept. But,assumption of his constant attention or benevolence,is a shaky notion fraught with dire consequences..#god

25.Opposition parties and judiciary are two formidable forces to reckon with for any govt. Of these ,the opposition parties revel in embarrassing the Govt with impossible demands on behalf of electorate. As regards the judiciary they may lay excessive emphasis on liberty,fundamental right and justice
to the core,and govts may not be able to comply with their norms in real life situations. This is a dilemma all govts have to face.#govt

26. To wrench a life from the claws of death,and give it an extention,with artificialrespiration,mechanical feeding and the like,for prolonged periods, with little hope for the restoration of even near normal living ,may be a medical wonder,but a philosophical blunder#life

27. The prevalence of BELIEF, in the hearts of millions, in the face of all the surrounding sorrow and grief in abundance (like corona if one needs an example), without any thirst for an explanation,or more correctly a justification, is simply astounding.#God

28.When simmering discontent between friends comes to surface,it can either result in welcome resolution of longstanding misunderstanding,or heaven forbid,lead to a tragic breakdown of relations forever. Caution and luck are the need of the hour.#relations

29.If a person does not open up to anybody,under any trying circumstances,others will have only a telescopic view of his travail,not a microscopic view. Under these circumstances, neither can be blamed.#temperament

30. Action based on a concept of right and wrong,unmindful of consequences,is principle driven.Action based on a consideration of consequences only,unmindful of the principles if any trampled upon,is hailed as diplomacy.#diplomacy

31. Corruption must be dealt with on par with murder.Or else no chance for its eradication.And there is no point in asking us to live with it,like corona
for instance. Corona is a mysterious virus,but coruption a man made one. Death penalty is an excellent remedy.#corruption

32. The reception for any idea varies inversely as the weight it carries. Less the substance and more the glamour, the greater is the popularity and the louder the applause.#ideas

33. We are not fighting carona.Actually we are playing hide and seek with it (like lock down),buying time till vaccine arrives. We are in the warfront unarmed.#corona

34. An actor laughs or cries at the discretion of the Director. In fact we are all doing the same. The line of  control may not be visible tothe naked eye.#God

35. Principles and pleasure do not always go together.#principles

36. Perhaps man'plight is Maker's delight.#God

37.The object of all business is to make money,by rendering a service. Social media is no different.But their definition of service, maybe,includes disservice. One policeman mercilessly hits a man,or one doctor neglects one patient,or one engine driver
is drunk one day..all this goes viral.People feel as if all policemen are hitting the innocent all the time,all doctors are always negligent ,and
all drivers are always drunk . They fume and fret. For the social media,coffers are full. These are literally antisocial media.#media

38. If corona is godsend,there is no point in fighting it.If He has also shown us the way to fight it,that is a cruel game. If He is not at all aware of it,that is unfortunate.If He is not there at all,that isdisastrous.#God

39. A flower in bloom,the smile of a child,the rising sun,the chirp of birds at dawn,the music of the waves,the river in spate,the risingsprings,thegorgeous falls,the thick forest foliage, the towering bluemountains almost touching the sky,and the vast layers of melting snow, are all some of the handiworks  of God.But unfortunately He did not stop with that. Gnawing hunger,writhing pain,the leaping lion andthe fleeting deer,the crawling snake and its hapless prey,war,pestilence,fuming enmity,surging emotion, failing control,resulting crime,deprivation and separation,aching heart from broken love,shaky limbslosing sight,faltering walk,fading brain ,Saars and corona,are all His making too................. But pleasure is no compensation for pain. How come this point was overlooked!#creation

40. The birth of CORONA eclipses the birthdays of all celebrities of all time.#corona

41. The weakness in logic is that oftentimes,we do not realise that it is weak somewhere down the line.#logic

42. No man can be held responsible for his actions performed under duress. The theory of misery arising out of Karma,therefore runs counter to the concept of omnipresence,omniscience andomnipotence of God.#God

                                            paras 34 to 42 posted on 19th june 2020

43. The mindboggling speed,reach and ferocity of CORONA virus make it clear that ,now more than ever,

God's intervention is very much needed ,and urgently so. But as to whether God has made up His mind in 

this regard, as yet,remains unclear. It is everyone's prayer that He does not take any adverse decision in this

matter as a punitive measure!#GOD

44. God has not put His stamp (like address,phone no.,email ID etc) on His products like all major

 manufacturers. So no scope for filing complaints or grievances.#GOD

45.Sun is always bare.When rarely it hides its features,the effects are tremendous. So with nature.

With humans,it is just the reverse.#eclipse

46. If a Chartered Accountant were to painstakingly prepare an account statement for God's concern for

 theCreation of Beings,and meticulously post all instances of pleasure and pain, in the credit and debit sides

 ,with due weightage for their probability of occurrence,duration and intensity, the Balance Sheet is sure to

 show a terrible loss, for all living beings as a whole.Whatexactly then is the motive behind this manufacturing


47. Some believe that what you intensely believe in,is bound to happen. This maybe blind belief,but that is

what theyadvocate.#belief

48.CORONA and its consequent lockdown have imposed downtime for both men and machines. Machines

     can be idle,but man cannot be.Time hasto be used or misused,and cannot be halted in midair.#corona

    49.Better the truth though bitter at times it may be.#truth

    50. A smile before camera is artificial and so it is supposed to be. Sometimes it is so even otherwise,and

you may call it courtesy,diplomacy or even sheer necessity for survival in employment or business.#Smile

                                             PARAS 43 to 50 were posted on 27th June 2020