01. An extremely bad incident needs the attention of Govt,though isolated it may be. If it does not,political

parties or even interested individuals,may draw the attention of Govt to it.But,for the public to be thinking

of and talking about it all the time,thanks to repeated forwards in the social media,is misleading and menacing

,and can throw even a goodgovt out of gear

for no great reason.#socialmedia

02. The doctor knows what is in your body.The Auditor knows what is in your bank account . A friend knows

what is in your mind. But,it is only the wife who knows what is in the back of your mind.#mind

03. Women enjoy an unintended measure of safety during CORONA times. Nobody comes nearer than 6 feet

(though in their own interest, may be)!#women

04. Awareness leads to concern and,coupled with helplessness,can translate into worry,and degenerate into

fear/scare. Some,afraid of this, prefer to limit awareness itself to acceptable levels. Though convenient for

 a short term,this is not desirable in the long run.#awareness

05. Corona lock down days are neither like working days when you go to office, nor like holidays when you have

a carefree outing.#corona

06. An object by its presence creates a shade where there was none,but only light. Likewise,free and fearless

thought,can make inroads into belief.#belief

07. You can doubt a man's belief,without suspecting his bona fides. #character

08. The attitude of every person is primarily dictated by his body chemistry,and subsequently modified to some

extent,by his upbringing, and other attendant

circumstances. So,ideally speaking,none can be praised or blamed for what he is.

Praise no problem,but blame hurts.#God

09.God and His benevolence are two entirely different things. You can believe in one and doubt the other.#God

10. Speaker without audience,writer without readers,and art without artlovers, are all out of place or time,or


11. Choices are often made based on the belief that majority cannot be wrong.This is because you may not always

 be equipped with all data or analytical skill,necessary to decide what is best. To do what others do is the easy way

out,and often may also happen to be the best!#choice

12. You may be genuinely sorry that so many in this world are sufferring, day in and day out, or be happy that you

are much better off than most of them,by any standard.Not just a question of choice,but a question of attitude,that

 impinges on your philosophy of life .#life

13. In a sense even the worst scoundrel is innocent, because he may not realise what he is,or indeed if he does,may

 not know how to change himself,or may be does not even know that he must change.#man

14. At 60, 70,or even 75,you may wonder where your friends are.After that,with advancing age,you start wondering

whether your friends are there at all.#life

15. With all antisocial events,whatever be their magnitude or frequency,social media want to make a kill. They have

 a kill alright,but along with it,kill also public tranquility and social harmony.#socialmedia.

16. The path of God is paved with tiles of doubt.#God

17..God is the Creator of all life,and all the problems associated with it.Because, Man is nobody really.#god

18. You can justify killing the mosquito because it hurts,but how to justify the pain involved,and anyway,whose

 role is that?#pain

19. Vegetarian Congress..They advocate all being vegetarian. OK..But then,will there be enough food for all?And,

what happens to the millions and millions of cattle and birds,spared from slaughter?Who will feed them and house

them?The stark truth is that killing isinjustice no doubt,but looks inevitable. Man cannot solve all problems. Many

 are in God's domain it appears..#vegetarian

20. Intense belief,like hardened stain,cannot be erased by logic,however sound that maybe..#belief

21. Sometimes scintillating ideas,in the nature of inspiration,that pass through your mind at night,may vanish into

 thin at break of dawn.#ideas

22. Life is a long runway. You pass through the entry gate just like that..Decades later,you are much nearer the exit

 gate,than entry gate. Now you fumble for the driving manual ie scriptures that show the way tlive( not the way to

leave).But,some dontbother even then!

23. With everybody at home, lockdown days are holidays for men,and (more!) working days for women.#corona

24. The destiny of your advice can vary widely: 1)It can be accepted with grace. 2)Accepted silently without ackt

3)May be feigned to be inaudible. 4) Can be politely declined 5)Can be rejected abruptly or 6) rejected vehemently,

with a resolve to retaliate when possible#advice

25. One man'might should not be another's plight.#might

26. No complicated theory of life,and no learned philosophy, can be of any solace, amidst shrieks of pain that

 reverberate in the world all the time,parcels of pleasure notwithstanding.#God

27. We don't need religion to tell us why we suffer.We should not suffer at all.And this remedy should be available

 to one and all,and not merely if at all,to those who can hold their breath,retain or release it in a particular manner ,

or be adept in similar skills. #GOD

28. It is said that God who gives you miserable moments,will also show you the remedy.Not a compliment. It is like

saying,the man who pinches the baby,will also rock the cradle! #GOD

29.-- The coronavirus pandemic ....... have prompted some Americans to take a break from social media,..The national

 survey by Ohio State Wexner Medical Center of 2,000 people found that 56% changed their social media habits because

 of tensions (From WEBMD).#socialmedia

30. If your friend or relative has confidence in you,you can play an useful role in his affairs.If that is not the case,you

can play only a supportive role (if he is still dear to you). If that also is not well received,you can only play (to put it

rudely)a shut up role#advice

31. Germ killers are licensed to kill,like security guards. Germs are our born enemies, without any cause for enmity.

What a life design!#God

32. God,for reasons best known to Himself,has ordained that all living beings,including humans,should stay put in a

 mixed media of pleasure and pain,without knowing what for,for how long,or how it will all end up.#God

33. In Creation hunger is inbuilt. Food is not. It has to be produced. God has resorted to deficit financing.#God

34. If only we realise all the dangerous possibilities for trouble,loss,unbearable pain,at every moment of our lives,

there can be no room for fun or frolic.#fun

35. In times of accident,we come to know of serious dangers,we are living with all along,like a pit near a runaway

(recent accident).If only we take pains to ascertain all the dangers we are always living with,like air conditioners

 in trains the resullts can be alarming.#danger

36. Whether adored or assaulted God is not going to respond.#God

37.God is not a myth. He is a mystery.He can neither be denied nor located.#God

38. It is said that a person must keep himself absolutely calm and still,if he wants to listen to God. Maybe His signals

are intentionally kept weak!#God *

39. Touching your nose or wiping your mouth is a fundamental right,obviously,but in the name of COVID, the advisories

of Govt,infringe on this right. Who is to sue COVID and in which court!#covid

40. Justice may be a good concept,but does not appear to be a favourite in Creation.Courts frown at injustice,as if

justice is well within the reach of govts.This needs close analysis.#justice

41. In business,there is risk and there is thrill. In private employment,the swing on both sides ,is less.But in Govt service,

there is practically no risk,but plenty of thrill in the form of fringe benefits, that include among others,corruption of

sizeable magnitude.#corruption

42. The lucky can wait for a problem to be solved,to feel a sense of relief. A postponement of the problem is good enough

 for relief ,for the not so blessed.#relief

43. Sometimes you may have to tell people what they ought to,and actually,know,but do not realise.#realise

44. Though rival in a sense,google is of great help to elders. It reduces dependence on others often..#oldage

45. Some people will never be thankful for any help you do. "God will always send me help,i know" will be their attitude.

You have run the errand.That is all. You dont thank the courier for the parcel received except superficially. Do you?#belief

46. An apparently brilliant idea,when executed,can catapult you to immense riches,or crashland you in utter penury__a bed

of roses or a sea of despair.#uncertainity

47. A sensible surmise may end up as an intelligent guess or as a rude shock.Who knows?#surmise

48. "There is an elephant behind the wall" said a man. "How do you know"asked the other,and this conversation went on.

 "How do you know it is not there?"..."Because there is no sound"..."Maybe it is sleeping!"....It is difficult to tackle people

with such mentality!#mentality

49. Proximity can assuage longtime illwill or accenuate the same as fated.#proximity

50. A child does not know many things. A boy understands what a child does not. A man understands what a boy does not.

The old understand what the young do not. What we do not understand even late in our life,we may perhaps understand in

our later life!#life