01..Bad times,blame karma.Good times,Thank God.No other go. If you start anlysing, you will go beserk.#God

02.Service charge varies in direct proportion to cost of instrument or machine.A timepiece or TV for example.But,when it comes to human body,the most complicated&valuable machine,made not by any MNC but by God himself,there is a tendency to grudge doctor fees.The reason is that,we buy only things ,for which we can afford service charges, but our body is thrust on us,without bestowing the powers to meet the high costs of medical treatment in many cases.#medicalupdates

03. Google search engine is a marvellous creation.But some declare it is much superior to any teacher/professor or guru. Difficult to agree.Actually,all knowledge of intellectuals,and all data/info,are stored in computers around the world,and maybe in the "cloud". Google merely directs you to the right place,and no doubt very quickly and effectively.This way,it is a super librarian and not knowledge incarnate.#google                                                

04. An accident is a misnomer.Nothing happens by accident. All events are predestined. This "fate" concept,finds support in philosopher Santayana's words."EVENTS DO NOT OCCUR.WE ONLY COME ACROSS THEM".Fine.Then what for planning,estimates targets,forecasts,et all?#fate

05. If a down-to-earth woman is married to a man,up in the cloud all the time,the cosequences can be unpalatable. And neither can be blamed.#marriage

06.A supersenior citizen,has not much of the past in his memory,not much of the present to engage in,and not much of foreseeable future to deal with or delve into.#oldage

                                                                 PARAS 1 to 6 posted on 14th Jan 2021

07. Our Gurukula system dates back to 5000BC. Printing was invented in 15th century. So gurus directly taught their disciples,all that

 there was to know. Subseqently,with arrival of books and libraries,disciples (now called students) were asked to refer to books and

libraries for what was beyond what was taught by them.With the advent of computer and internet,the frontier of knowledge expanded

 from finite libraries to almost infinite material residing at computers around the world and the 'cloud'.And google is a masterstroke

 in locating what you search for. It does not however impart knowledge,but only tells you where it is to be found.The snippets feature

 introduced from the year 2016,takes search one step higher,but still does not invalidate the above argument altogether. Anyway,

google performance comes close to artificial intelligence. It literally places knowledge at your fingertips(on the computer!).#google


08. A very very substantial matter has been touched by TIMES OF INDIA in its editorial on 13th Jan 2021.The title is "farm agitation lies in political and policy domains that are not judiciary's strong suit." After describing the concerns of the Supreme Court in the matter,the report goes on to say "Supreme Court's noble intent on all these aspects,however cannot detract from the constitutional scheme of separation of powers." The thought for the day at the top of the page reads as"Each organ of the State,ie the Legislature,the Executive and the Judiciary,must have respect for the others,and not encroach into each other's domain".TOI has said it all.#justice

09. When anybody approaches one for help,usually one considers whether he can afford to help,whether the other person deserves help,and lastly whether it is necessary to help at all.Of these the last criterion is not very relevant. But this is very much in vogue.#help

10. When somebody asks you about somebodyelse,whom you know,you may plead ignorance.Actually,this can be plain ignorance,lofty detachment or calculated diplomacy for self preservation.#diplomacy

11. Brand image of one product can eclipse the intrinsic worth of another.#brand

12. Man enters life while young.He leaves it ,may be sometime during old age. Has no brief for his future on either occasion. He has to manage without a manual.#life

13. Politics without corruption ,some honestly believe,is like a heart without blood supply.But then how do countries like Singapore and Newzealand survive?#corruption

14. For the truly sensitive,pain in sight, amounts to pain inside.#pain

15. Alliteration,not accompanied by sense,may mislead the uninitiated, and irritate the well informed.

16.Sometimes,courage takes you to the border of arrogance.#courage

17.Profound statements are not easy to comprehend.But not all incomprehensible statements are profound.#clarity

18.Knowledge is enriched by continuous experience andImpoverished by prolonged inactivity,leading to obsolescence over a period of time.#knowledge

19. Deletion is a marvellous feature in software. This is not available in real life. You can't undo or delete anything you have done,or failed to do.Damage done is damage done for ever.#delete

20. Nobody will listen to ,or pretend to listen to,another unless what is heard means something to them,or is pleasing to the ear,in tone or content,or carries with it authority to compel,coupled with pain for neglect or disregard.#listen

21. Your consultant is morally bound by advice tendered, and you are legally bound by the advice followed.#Advice

22. Advice is optional both ways. Free to tender or not, and free to follow or not. Advice,even if tendered on request, carries with it no element of compulsion to follow. And any rejection cannot be grudged.#advice

23.Tweets on vexing issues may soothen the tweeter's nerves.But they incite the readers who agree on the ongoing injustice,and irritate those who dont agree.#tweets

24. Sex is an intricate device,implanted by God in all living beings,with the objective of continuance of the race though this carries with it no guarantee of freedom from suffering.#God

25. Suicide is actually a positive way out of agony,from which there is no respite or way out.It cannot ,as a class,be condemned under all circumstances.#suicide

26. Some quickly forget their moments of pleasure,but remember to a remarkable extent all the painful encounters. Selective amnesia!#attitude

27. God gives life to man,and man gives life to machines.Lifetime of neither can be predicted.#life

28. Human Rights Activists exhaust all their tears for the supposed injustice to criminals. Nothing left for the innocent.#rights

29. Politicians steal the minds of the public first, before other ventures.#politics

30. When somebody steals your personal belongings you feel bad and writhe in pain.But when somebody loots crores from public property,that is just morning news,and nothing more.#publicinterest

31. When convicts are hailed by the public,that is an insult to the judiciary and irritant to the public at large.#justice

32. If the electorate were all scholars the ministers will be saints.But if the electorate is so so,the quality of election
results will also be so so.#democracy

                                           (PARAS 7 to 32 posted on 16 th Feb 2021)

33. Sometimes an inquisitive look may be prompted by irritation,and readiness to express violent disagreement in the event of a likely erratic response.##response

34. The popularity of many of the politicians is a standing monument for the monumental ignorance/indifference of a vast majority of the voters.#popularity

35. The joys and sorrows in life, vary widely between man and man, but the rationale behind cannot be understood,much less justified/defended. .Karma theory will not carry us very far.That will lead to the question why diference between karma at all from person to person.#GOD

36. God's ways may be weird or vague ,but unfortunately do not fall under man's jurisdiction for enquiry or challenge.#God

37. Fate is an invisible power to reckon with and put up with. Probably,minor variations in course can occur within outer limits already ordained.#fate

38. Society is made up of all sorts of persons from those who deserve stone statues,to those who deserve to be stoned to eternity,though the latter may not be a prescribed mode of punishment in a society obsessed wth excessive consideration for the inconsiderate. #punishment

39. Nobody will think of driving rashly,if there is even a remote awareness,that any failure of absolute presence of mind in the event of an emergency,can result in certain death,serious incapacitation,financial penury or some or all of them.#accidents

40. Misfortunes in a row,instill fear of God in some. May set ablaze all trust in God in some others.#God

41. You may think you are beautiful.But that does not count.What others feel is what matters. But then,not only should you be beautiful but also others must have a sense of beauty.#beauty

42. Temptation is natural. Avoidance and moderation are cultivated.#temptation

43. The innocence and exhuberance,so dominant in childhood,wear out with age, eroded by prudence,calculation, planning, foresight, diplomacy, greed, biological urge, and challenges in daily life#innocence

44. Reading triggers the brain. Seeing captures the mind. Everybody can see,but not everybody can thinkdeeply.This is where cinema and TV score over the books.#cinema
45. Excerpt from a news item from TOI dt 21 feb 2021:"He then grabbed the victim's phone and transferred rs.25000 to his bank account,using a phone based app,and then fled".The culprit cannot be blamed exclusively.Why such luxurious inventions?#technology

46. Philanthropist AJIT PREMJI has said (Times Of India) that charity must come from within, and cannot be mandated by law.We could not convince riders to wear helmets,though everybody knows that ride is otherwise risky.This is true also for charity by the well off. If
everybody has the mental disposition of PREMJI there is no need for any law. But it is not so.#charity

47. A writer without a reader, a singer without a listener,a speaker without audience__all are like scenery inside a forest or a cry in the wilderness.#recognition

48. You can see the whole world through a peephole, but the world cannot see you.This is positional advantage. This applies to other walks of life also.#life

49. One pours milk in a vessel. Another pours poison.Milk is of no use unless poison supply is stopped. But poison will work, even when milk supply continues .It is obviously more necessary to fight evil, thando good. It is no good to leave evil to the care of God!#good

50. The past is told by the historians.The future is visualised by the scientists, and sometimes may be vaguely predicted by astrologers. The present is largely decided (or may be spoiled) by politicians.#politics