01. Misunderstanding erodes affection.#affection
02. Prejudice clouds perception.#prejudice

03. Happiness thrives on the practice of selective amnesia.#happiness

04. Logic and faith,though not complimentary to each other,have their own right of existence.#faith

05. In society,easy money far exceeds money earned the hard way.For instance,the returns of elected leaders far exceed that of the bulk of the electorate.#politics

06. Memories are deleted ,not destroyed.#memory

07. It is an irony that what things count in life,ie. knowing the good and the bad ,is meticulously ignored,until it is rather too late in life to be of any practical use,before the door is slammed.#life

08. Corruption is an ace killer. It can kill projects,principles,policies,ideas,persons and what not.#corruption

09.  Love and logic do not go together.#logic
10.  Pain management varies from person to person.Some grin and bear. Some may complain elaborately.There are some who delve into the intellectual question,ie.why at all,of all people, they should suffer. A smaller fraction may be inclined to extend this and ask (contd)#painwhy anybody should suffer at all. There can also be some who may be agitated by this question,even when there is no pain for them. They have apparently no place here.Must be heading for Himalayas!#pain

11. As tension mounts,logic recedes.#logic

12. Concern and worry are not Siamese Twins.They are close cousins.Can be separated.#concern

13.  Some problems get solved on their own if left alone.Some get aggravated. It is prudent to know the difference.#prudence

14.  Elections have come and gone in Tamilnadu.Political bigwigs,party leaders and spokesmen,journalists,analysts and all have talked and talked.But there was no serious discussion of the widelyprevalent corruption,and the dire/urgent need for its eradication


15. If a person's ideas die with him,he has lived in vain.#ideas

16. The paradox in today's life,is that things of intrinsic value have not much market value.#marketvalue

17. Either you bend and float in life,or be upright and sink.#accept

18. Horizontality has more stability than verticality.In social relationships, diplomacy

 gets better acceptance than upright behaviour.#diplomacy

19. We take success for granted,but analyse the causes of failure in depth. This is because we can do without another success,but dont want to suffer another failure.#failure

20.The more you think the less you will be understood by society.But blind reverence likely.#think

21. Some statements can be momentous ,not because they are so full of truth, but because of the possible damage they can do.#momentous

22. You will have difficulty in appreciating what a person says,if you dont know all that he knows. Also if he does not know all that you know. It is necessary to understand where you stand.#understanding

23.Inquisitive,intricate extensive and exhaustive questions about the motives of God,are considered to be out of syllabus in the examination of life,and hence taboo.#life

24. More than salary and pension,govt officials make a kill on bribes. But compared with the scope for elected reps, this is nothing.#bribe

25. Some learn from personal experience.Some learn from others' experience ie from observation.But there are others who never learn.#experience

26.The provision for auto functioning of sex urge in man,without any controlling switch under his command,is a calculated (cannot be ill conceived) implant in the human body,for the continuation of the human race with all inbuilt misery.#life

27. When you delete a thing it disappears from view,and perhaps can be retrieved. When you destroy a thing,it is killed and that is once for all. Memories are deleted,not destroyed.#memory

28. It is right to say "left is right" if the question is "where is your heart?' and the answer is "left".This is circumstantial impact on veracity of truth.#truth

29. Your left is my right,and my left is your right,if we stand in opposite directions. So different our views on life can also be,if our attitudes are diametrically opposite. #attitude

30. All mellifluous flute music is ascribed to Lord Krishna, though nobody has heard him in person.Such is the power of narative and belief.#music
31. Certain things cannot be explained.Have to be experienced.Unfortunately this is the nature of profound topics.#profound

32. Whether you are impressed with a scene or report or distressed by it,depends not only on the scene,but also on your attitude.#attitude

33. Landlords can be redesignated as work at home vivasayis.#landlords

34. Some believe that if you are to be happy,you have to be happy. Suspend all attempts to analyse the problems on hand,or those that may arise in the near future, with probably slender prospects of solving them.A little respite from reality can be rejuvinating for later action.

35. Robust self confidence not tainted by any tint of arrogance,is praiseworthy.#ego

36. A report in TOI of 4th MAR 2021, regarding a rape case,says among other things" the accused boy told the police he was watching porn when he saw the girl".Now does it make any sense in punishing the boy only,leaving scot free, the porn producer?

37. If a person plans a murder or accident,he is considered a criminal. If in life all things are ordained,who is to blame?#life

38. We are at home with family,authoritative with subordinates,submissive to boss,jovial with friends,calculative in business ,and have regard for guru and bakthi for God.Multiple roles to play in life!#life

39. Pain without aggravation becomes familiar and bearable in due course,unless severe.#pain

40. Even comfort without variety can lead to boredom.Variety adds spice to boredom.#variety

41. But for some lone stars flickering here and there,the political sky is very dark in Tamilnadu.The picture for the future is indeed scary.#tamilnadu

42. Money is an useful product.Precious up to a certain point,and precarious beyond.#money

43. Many politicians behave like direct descendants of demons.#politician

44. Believers are not necessarily gentlemen all. Nor are atheists necessarily antisocial elements.#God

45. Mellifluous music ,and the rhyme and rhythim of alliteration can outperform meaningful prose,and alter the course of reason altogether.#rhyme

46. Compliance with law can lead to the formation of second nature.#law

47. As material comforts increase,human values decline.#value

48. Family planning is a bug inserted by man, in God's software for mandatory reproductive system!#god

49.The CPU/the central processing unit ,is the heart of the computer where all work gets done. We never look at it.We look at the monitor only. That is life.We are impressed with the man who delivers the the goods.Not the one who produced. The boss in office no exception.#boss

50. During trying times,we expect God to give us the same fortunate coincidence of events which a thoughtful film Director gives to his hero!#god

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