01. Among all alternatives,it is easier and better to solve a problem with money,provided no principles are violated.#money

02. Every failure of govt is not a sign of neligence.Fury of nature,or other unexpected turn of events
can result in undue pressure on available administrative machinery and other resources,and that can result
in tragic incidents. So,some strictures ofcourt appear harsh.#court

03. Some spend sleepless nights worrying for those who have sound sleep eg. a prodigal son or a runaway daughter.#sleep

04. God sent us here,and if we pray for freedom from rebirth,that is a sad ommentary on the living conditopns here.Obvious disrespect for His management of affairs.#life

05. Some truths about you should not become public during your lifetime.Some never.#truth

06.Either you bend and float in life,or be upright and get submerged.# acceptance

07. Though anybody can be tranferred anytime in life (i mean from life) nobody keeps a handing over report ready.#transfer

08. The person who asks "Oh God,have you no eyes" is a firm belever in God, but one who is thoroughly mystified with his management of human affairs.#God

09. The more curious you are about the infirmities and inequities in Ceation,the more restless you become,to contact Him and get a clarification.#God

10. Life is the longest dream lasting in a man's life,alternating between deep slumber and a vague imaginary feeling of awareness.#dream

11. Prayer may be an escapist safety device unless it proves to be otherwise.#prayer

12. Freedom from suffering must have been inbuilt in Creation.Actually it is not.What more it eludes man's discovery till his end.#suffering

13. When problems are overhelming,some set the solution to the default position.That is called FAITH.

14. Some people derive consolation that problems they have are nothing compared to what others have.This is the right attitude for peaceful living, but is questionable on ethical grounds,because the
consolation arises from satisfacton,that some others have more problems.#ethics

15. If a pet dog warns you of an imminent danger,you are exhilarated.If a friend does it ,you are profusely thankful. In other cases,you are irritated. This is the structure of life.#attitude

16. Problems are questions set by God in the sheme of life. Some believe that solutions can be found in the scriptures. Some others believe that those are not solutions but mere sedatives or palliatives.#life

17. There is a lot of difference between serving a country and serving a party.Serving the party sometimes comes close to serving the family in very many cases.#politics

18 . It will be a good consolation to take all unanswered prayers as undeserved requests.#prayer

19. Intense desire and fervent prayer are close to each other.#prayer

20. Bliss cannot make up for suffering endured #bliss

21. One,baked in privation,cannot rejoice in the beauty of Creation.#creation

22.Desire is the starting point of achievements.But sometimes,desire can lead to undesirable results.That jolted Lord Buddha into condemning desire outright!#desire

23. Thanks to CORONA all are forced to stay indoors.Loneliness/gloom prevails.Years ago in US,people were held indoors for a few days due to a major power failure,and there was a baby boom some 9 months later.There is a sanskrit saying ..DUKKAM SAMBAVATI JANANAM BHUVATHI.#corona

24. A Plant cannot be expected to thank you profusely for watering it.What more,at the end of its life,it is going to be eaten up by you.But then it lives happily waving in the wind and showing colours,and unfailingly
propagating the race. Animals are no different.#life

25. Take deep breath,was the usual healh advisory.But now,breathe inside a double layer mask.Changed protocol in social life.#life

26. The more you think,the less will you be undertood by society.But blind reverence likely sometimes.#think

27. Of all that we have in life,we owe the best to science and technology,and the worst(in many countries) to politicians with exceptions.#technology

28.Corrupt politicians need not worry,whether or not they will be returned to power in the next election.They can earn in five years,enough and more,in fact for generations to come.#corruption

29. Some people lament what bad had happened,while some others do not lament at all.And there are some who lament what bad was about to happen,but never even happenned.About a purse that was about to be stolen,some may be depressed,visualising oh god,if only... #grief

30. One remarkable feature of public finance is that when expr (for government) increases,the income (for its employees)also increases.#politics

31.Frequently,courts lash out at govts for their apparent failure in the matter of attention to the aged,the sickly,the handicapped,the poor and other downtrodden.Actually,God did not create a perfect world for Man.Govts after all have their limits.Courts must realise.#courts

32.Where there is a will,there is a way,as the saying goes.And where there is a will,there is no dispute either.

33. People must be ashamed to get free what they can afford to buy. The liberal freebie culture promoted by vote hungry politicians erodes this virtue.#politics

34. Desire is not the sole cause for misery as claimed by most religions. On occasions it may intensify misery that is aleady there.#desire

35. I wonder why learned journalists attempt to have a very serious intellectual analysis of election results,while they full well know that the whole process is stinking though dressed up in decent rules of procedure.Currency flow,freebies,caste,digital onslaught etc#democracy

36. It is sad that political parties entice voters with freebies.Once in power,politicians can make a kill in major contracts with business houses,while the public will be licking the freebies.#politics

37. It looks as if in a democracy,elections can be won with a thumping majority,through digital methodology and scientific approach to publicity and propaganda.Same pple holds good also
for retention of power.Electoral process needs urgent rethinking.#democracy

38. Some hold that worry is optional,and not obligatory.#worry

39. Lockup if you commit a crime. Lockdown for everybody,and for no fault of theirs.#corona

40. Democracy is a system where dictators are elected by the people from time to time.#democracy

41. A runner in a race is declared a winner only at the end of the race,however bright his chances may appear every now and then. In life too,a man's popularity is fragile while he is still living,and final only upon his death.#popularity

42. Swamijis are like advocates practising in court (of the Lord).They acquaint us with the attributes of the Lord and what things will please them etc.#swamijis

43. Clear conscience is a rare occurrence.#conscience

44. There is a lot of difference between what you can do,and what you can afford to do. You can kick your boss,but can't afford to do that.Why go that for? You can admonish your wife.But...

45.With rapid growth in fast lifestyle,parents will become a fading concept ,and grand parents a relic of the past.#fastlife

46. Light is bright .Sight is clear.Light is poor and the mind is clear.#mind

47. Laws,including CRIMINAL law,are made in the belief that certain things are right and certain things are wrong,at all times,and by any standard. And,that is as it should be. Otherewise the tranquility in life will be trampled upon.#law

48. Culture flourishes where customs prevail.#culture

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