CHAPTER 25                                                                  

01. Justice is a mysterious concept, and Dept of justice is a mysterious product. Perfect justice is an utopian dream. It does not exist anywhere, not even in the forest, where God's law prevails, unsullied by man's presence.  #justice

02. The regard a man gets in society often varies inversely as the esteem in which he is held at home. When it comes to family, public interest is a liability and not forte. #family

03. If corona takes 50% of the time of Govt, the courts take the other half. The obsession of courts with justice is extraordinary and cannot be justified in the midst of realities of the world. Justice is not inbuilt in nature.  #justice

04. "All are equal" is farthest from being true. There is nothing similar between different persons - only dissimilarity in every aspect - Physical structure, capacity, mental prowess etc. Obsession with justice cannot justify travesty of truth. #justice

05. You can't criticize the judiciary even in the most polite manner. But strangely, they are the ones who zealously guard our freedom of speech. Probably, there is some technicality here, which is not clear to everybody. #justice

06. If corona specialists continue to harp on safe distance between individuals, at all times and under all circumstances, the price of double cots will drop significantly. And population specialists will have a sigh of relief. #corona

07. Thanks to vast strides in science and technology, cinema has a tremendous influence on viewers. Particularly, more than the story writers, song writers, music directors, technicians of all sorts, financiers and producer, all of whom contribute to the creation of the product, it is the hero who gets a lion's share in monetary returns and popularity. This gives them great lead in democratic nations with voting rights to one and all. The result is more keenly felt in some States than in others. The results are there for all to see. #cinema

08. It is customary in storytelling to reserve climax till the end. But in real life, one must first mention the most imp thing, and then follow it up with inner details. Some people have a tendency to do just the opposite. #climax

09. Whatever the incurable optimists may say, thanks to the corona pandemic, the days are so bad, and the forecast for the future is so bleak, that rightly speaking, one should be worried to hear news of birth these days. The baby's future? #corona

10. The digital age is taking its toll. Political parties all over India are going for digital advertising and methods of propaganda. Today if for e.g. all unwanted elements form a political party, and engage a digital expert for powerful advt and deft manipulation of minds for a few hundred cores of rupees, they are very likely to win with a majority. This is undesirable manipulation of democracy. Unless nipped in the bud, danger lies ahead. #democracy

11. Money spent on digital onslaught on a large body of ill informed, semiliterate or illiterate ,and easily mould able minds, is more effective in elections, than bribing the voters who may either honour the commitment or junk it. #democracy

12. Sending criminals to jail, if intended to inflict pain, without being cruel, makes some sense. But to think that it has also the sober effect of reformation, that is a stupid idea. Some of our politicians go in and out of jail. Not that it has a sober effect on them. #punishment

13. Election commission, Tamilnadu was rapped by Madras High Court, for not having thoughtfully postponed elections during corona time. Supreme Court ordered that elections to local bodies in TN must be conducted by sep15, as constitutional mandate should not be violated. #corona

14. Two loot 19 ATMS with unique tricks.(News report TOI /23 June 2021.) Mind you, not one or two. Offences multiply. Officials struggle. Criminals nabbed. Pain- stakingly charge sheeted. Defence by capable/unppled lawyers. Laws considerate to criminals. 20th ATM in the offing. #LAW

15. Heart is associated with kindness and rightly so. That is the only part of the body, when it fails, which ensures that you don’t suffer in this world anymore, unless interfered with by cardiologists (though with the good intention of extending your life span).#cardiology

16. If one has suspicion of a serious ailment, undergoes a variety of tests at huge cost, and finds that all results are fine, should he celebrate the day of getting the results, or curse the day of getting the doubt?! #medical

17. Justice in batches:"Justice delayed is justice denied" goes the proverb, and we take it easy. There is also a grievance that while small crime gets punished quickly, big crimes take unduly long to get confirmed, as for instance when searches in 100 places are involved during this period, the big shot moves in and out of on parole. This situation can perhaps be remedied with a system of justice in parts. For instance, in very big cases, why not collect evidence in a few cases, and award a punishment based on a limited trial supported by that evidence, and then continue further investigation? After that, the trial can be continued and the jail term extended, or upgraded to death penalty as the occasion may warrant. #Justice

18. It is strange but sadly true, that the not so bright enslave the brainy in public life, with the help of intellectual tools created by the latter. Information technology is at the root of it all. #sadtruth

19. Strange but true, we are excited to hear bad news. Not that we love bad news, but nevertheless excited, if not eager. That is why bad news get viral, whereas good news withers in no time. #news

20. As popularity grows, more and more people want to see you than you are eager to see. #popularity

21. The magic of cinema lies in making you believe in what you see, though you may full well know that it is not at all true. This imperceptibly made unfortunate inroad into real life (in some parts of India particularly), lifting heroes of the stage, to real life heroes. #cine

22. A popular man wants to see masses, while the masses yearn to see him in private. #popularity

23. The disappearance of family photographs from walls of the house, for being tucked inside discreet folders, that are put to sleep in elegant cupboards, signifies a marked deterioration in cohesion and attachment in family life. Sad and lamentable! #family

24. There is a division of powers between Govt of India and the States, as envisaged in the Constitution of India. Probably, there is a similar division of powers between God and the Govts. God is in charge of movement of planets, weather changes, including extreme calamities, growth and death of living organisms etc. Other minor matters like the lot of individual beings on planet Earth--all misery including, are all left to the discretion of elected representatives .This is our misfortune. The Constitution of the Universe needs to be amended. #Universe

25. Some losses you can regret and forget. But some vexing questions, with no answer ever found, are bound to torment the mind, unless suppressed by chemical remedies that can solve your problem of concern, without solving the problem itself. #sedatives

26. Those who are lucky enough not to have any problems, broadly fall into two categories. Some use all their time to enjoy life to the brim. Some others are concerned with the fate of others. #attitude

27. Many leave the world without a trace. Some leave their trace behind, either as a name to remember with reverence, or a name to dread and curse. #legacy

28. Some take life easy. Some take it seriously. It is all a question of choice, some believe. But not so it is entirely. Circumstances must also be conducive. #attitude

29. There is a vast diff between asking how my dress looks, and how I look in this dress. The credit goes to the dress maker in the first case and to your body in the second case. #dress

30. An eBook has wide reach. But a printed book has wider appeal, perhaps due to its physical presence closer proximity and ready availability. #eBook

31. There can be no peace in life, if law and order is not maintained by govt. But a govt has its limitations in terms of availability of manpower and finance in this regard, not to speak of possible public reaction. So excessive emphasis by courts on freedom of speech and right to protest will create undue strain on govt. It is no easy job to take into police custody thousands, even if it is for a day. Liberal court judgments have a tendency to nullify the punitive content in law, and make life of law abiding citizens miserable. #freedom

32. To advise on a subject, you must know not only the subject, but also the person advised. Otherwise things can go awry. #advice

33. A responsible person has multiple roles to play. A householder for the family, a national for the country, a citizen for the world and a devotee for god. Some manage to ignore all the roles. #roles

34. Reports of crime are recd daily in plenty. Relatively, reports of punishment are pretty rare. Particularly we don’t hear of death penalty, because of a stupid misunderstanding that it is harsh/cruel, and should be resorted to rarely. Actually 10 year jail term is harsher. #crime

35. Technology has brought in benefits in every conceivable field except politics, where it has worked to the contrary. Very sad. #politics

36. In any sensitive matter, if the concerned person does not speak, everybody else will start speaking. #sensitive

37. Crime is regular and frequent. Punishment is rare and mild, thanks to our obsession with some obsolete concepts like rights for all, equality before law and the like. If criminals are hanged without sentiment, public at large can live a peaceful life which they deserve. #crime

38. You can't expect saintly behavior from police personnel, because they are trained to handle all types of men including the unruly. Saints cannot be suddenly asked to lathi charge or shoot. #police

39. Sale of successful products can be satisfying. Sale of an idea that has ready appeal can be thrilling. #idea

40. Some decide on their own. Some others consult others for everything. And there is a hybrid variety. They do what they want, but consult others all the same. #consult

41. A man who believes in God attributes everything to God, whether he goes up or down. But the man who does not believe, takes credit when he does well, but curses God when things go wrong. #God

42. There is a world of diff between looking up to God as a savior of self, and as a savior of mankind. Former can perhaps be defended. But the latter belief is diff to sustain. #God

43. Intense faith arises from a firm belief that you are at the centre of the universe, and God is continuously monitoring your wellbeing, suitably manipulating all circumstances to your advantage, and protecting you always. How selfish? Oh my God! #GOD

44. All that exists is a sure pointer to God, but all that happens, obviously with His knowledge, cast a shadow on His management of affairs on earth. Solid example, opulence of politicians. #God

45. You don't challenge anything you don’t think exists. This applies to the concept of God also. Belief crippled by an array of assailing doubts. #God

46. A sad tune may fit in well only for a tragic situation in a film. In real life, it will only intensify the misery. #tragedy

47. Meek submission breeds free exploitation. Resist and revolt, and there it ends. #exploitation

48. Some are in the habit of free transmission of their grief, through repetitive recapture of unsavory experiences, and there are people who meekly lend their ears. Relief for one and grief for the other. Relief thro sharing. OK. But not favored by advocates of sophistication. #grief

49. Science and Technology, have unleashed on man, an endless variety of limitless enjoyment, mostly free, sowing the seeds of habit forming practices, that devour most of his time, with the result that he is left with little or no time, to think of others. #technology

50. Aversion to advice is the case with youngsters today.So in old age,if you can't stand the sight,you can stop seeing.God has thoughfully provided eyelids.#God