01. If you doubt a thing for valid reasons that has its own weight, even if you don’t have even a faint idea of what really truth can be like. #truth

02. Ideas if left unattended will wither in course of time. If nourished with sustained thinking, and reduced to record, can someday blossom into beautiful results. #ideas

03. If the direction of wind is favourable, it is smooth sailing on the sea. In the case of life also, the course of fate for the lucky, makes things pleasant and painless for them. What the future holds is a secret outside our purview /preview. #fate

04. Positive thinking is a brand of fancy that is a mix of realistic thinking and wishful thinking. #thinking

05. A dynamic eBook is a book that is kept up-to-date all the time through external links, and this is possible only with eBooks. eg. TIMELESS TWEETS. #ebooksmarketing

06. In any transaction you must concentrate more on what you get, rather than what the other man gets in the process, unless that advantage poses a business or social threat to you or others. #transactions

07. Your family will be interested in what you do to them, rather what you do for the society, unless that other activity brings you glory or riches. This is because you are the fulcrum of the family, which depends on you only, and that too entirely and exclusively, (our society is so designed), whereas the society, nation or the world does not run exclusively on your head only. This view is pretty legitimate, though may sound selfish. #publicinterest

08. Corruption rules our lives. Anticorruption is an ideal enshrined in our law books. Automation and computerisation go a long way in arresting the tide in modern days. Who introduces these measures, in a highly corrupt society is a moot point. Defies comprehension. #corruption

09. Sometimes well meaning advice can be met with a rebuff: "Do I not know that?" Actually the other person may know but not realise. There is a lot of diff between knowing, understanding and realising a thing. Probably, this is where fate plays a role, maybe! #realise

10. When there is appreciation from all over, you look for appreciation from the higher end. #appreciation

11. I have been issuing a copious number of tweets for some 10 years now, without checking the record of ones issued already (which is not possible either.)There is no complaint of repetition, either because there is none, or because there are no readers! #repetition

12. Fans spend a lot of time thinking of, speaking of, watching, hearing, or reading, their celebrities. Naturally they can’t expect reciprocation on one to one basis. Inevitable. A kind of one sided love. (ORUTHALAIKADAL!). #celebrity

13. Your faults you are not aware. And others telling you, you don't relish. #fault

14. Stories are claimed to be not true statements, but can also be true. Statements are expected to be true, but sometimes they may not be. #truth

15. Nobody is bothered about anything that affects everybody. Everybody expects somebody else to take up the matter and find a remedy. #attitude

16. Sympathy conveyed thro lips must be matched with action in tune therewith. #sympathy

17. Moneymaking should not be the prime motive for any activity. It can be the by-product in any needed service. #money

18. Share market is a necessary institution to provide liquidity for the capital market. But daytime trading for quick returns may not fall under this category. #money

19. Bad news is not such bad news if it does not affect you or your kith and kin. Likewise good news evokes no interest unless your group is benefitted. Effect of news flooding. @news

20. Sentiment cripples sense. #sentiment

21. Times Of India report in issue dt 10th aug 2021: one study says 1.5 degree c increase in temp in 20 years. Sea level may rise and there can be flooding in Chennai... Such reports make one wonder whether a birth is to be rejoiced and a death mourned or?. #future

22. Belief gives a lot of relief no doubt, though nobody knows the whereabouts of God or His ways of functioning. But religions have also been responsible for untold misery on Earth, the horrors of partition, India witnessed (1947) to cite just one example, if any is needed. #God

23. If it is peace or prosperity, one must make a prudent choice through judicious mix. #prosperity

24. We drive without any guarantee that the brake will not fail. We board an aircraft without knowing for certain whether it will land or crash land. We marry and merrily beget children unmindful of the unknown vagaries awaiting them in the future. Life is run entirely on a assumption of convenient possibilities and probabilities. That is Maker's design. And He is out of sight and out of reach. #life

25. God is and God rules, maybe. But He is certainly not a benevolent dictator. Otherwise there will no words like pain, misery and the like in the dictionary. #God

26. We now hear of intimacy coordinators in the film industry, to relieve actors from the discomfiture during love scenes of all varieties, from platonic love to erotic raptures. That may be ok. But who is to relieve the discomfort for the viewers? Herein lies the storehouse of rumbling emotions resulting in sex crimes. And law pounces on those who yield to the resultant discomfort. Television sets must in future be equipped with a free app to play the role of intimacy controllers. #cinema

27. FROM Times Of India issue dt.10th Aug 2021: "Criminal cases against MLAs and MPs record a 17% jump, in the last 2 years." The votes of the discerning voters, get submerged in the sea of votes of the uninformed, ill-informed and misguided voters from from the gullible public, that results in the catapulting to power, the undeserving and the unruly, who, from their position of eminence, inflict misery on the public, by approving unwanted bills out of ignorance or design. Woe unto the voting rights for all. #democracy

28. Age had info plus understanding, called experience. With rapid changes in life style, largely due to technology, like mass production, fast services, wide travel, overflowing entertainment etc. the edge experience had has been diluted by obsolescence. Human values are supplanted by material values. Now, teachers have knowledge, but that is not up-to-date. Search engines tell where latest info is. That throws the teacher overboard unceremoniously though his role cannot be dispensed with altogether. This is unfortunate. #knowledge

29. Modern search engines expand their areas of operation, through richness in content, extensive coverage of internet, relevance in context, and a little bit of simulated intuition, and in so doing, invisibly move closer to the role of teachers. #searchengines

30. When we suffer from our own actions, we can analyse and avoid the mistakes we made. Likewise when we suffer for action/inaction of govt ie ministers in our democracy, we must analyse and rectify the pitfalls in the operation of democracy including mainly the election process, which suffers from corruption, manipulated info and digital bombarding that has come up recently. #democracy

31. A surprise event may not be a surprise to you, or anybody who believes that it was all preordained by divine decree. #fate

32. It is not ok to have logic only in your life. It is very Inecessary that you mix it with a flavour of optimism in right proportion -ie. positive thinking unsullied by convenient and cosy wishful thinking. #optimism

33.When you talk or write,it makes sense only to the extent it is understood by the reader or listener, however sensible you may be in absolute terms. Otherwise it will be a cry in the wilderness. But that will not stop you from crying, if the urge is irresistible! #urge

34. We have one day in the year as Mothers day or Fathers day etc. But, in this world, everyday is a scoundrel’s day. Courts are alert to ensure that none of the fundamental rights guaranteed in the constitution are denied to them. People who blast others are still alive. Let law abiding citizens go to hell, following restriction after restriction in daily life, as precaution against designs of wrong doers, who by the by, go scot free. #scoundrels

35. Some people cannot digest advice. If you tell them what they know, they retort "Do I not know?". If you tell them what they do not know but should know, they receive it silently,- not acknowledge openly. One has to stoop to advise them- relationship so intimate? #advice

36. Advice needs to be treated with respect as long as it has no sinister intentions or ulterior motives. Respect for the content of the advice is a different matter. You may accept or may not. #advice

37. Tamilnadu to release 700 life convicts on SEP 15(2021)(report in Times Of India dt 14 sep 21). It is explained that the Chief Minister orders the release as a humanitarian measure on the occasion of the death anniversary of late CN.Annadurai (ex CM). Now, if you come to think of it, at least 7000 police officials and a few hundred judges would have participated in the time consuming vexatious procedures before awarding the life sentence. Are they all inhuman beings? Should all their work at great cost to the exchequer be set at naught (just to celebrate a birthday) with a stroke of a pen by somebody who does not know what inhuman crimes were committed by the criminals involved? Certainly that celebrity would not approve crime as a policy to be followed. Clearly a mockery of the judicial system, if not insult to judiciary. Now the police have to keep a tab on all those released. Whether done for political mileage, or as a customary blunder, some social activist group must challenge this risk laden practice. #justice

38. Irritation, impatience and intolerance have their positive side also. When they result from righteous indignation, for a public cause, they pave the way for deliverance from evil. #intolerance

39. A long life is seriously not a blessing these days. Implies the possibility of your having to live longer , facing steadily deteriorating living conditions, viz. atmospheric pollution, war, terrorism, endemics and pandemics, all superficial glamour notwithstanding. #longevity

40. Better the truth, though bitter it may be. That is an old concept. Nowadays, full truth, partial truth, hidden truth, modified truth, twisted truth, coloured truth etc offer a wide range to choose from. #truth

41. Man learns many things about life, mostly late in life. And during sunset period, he finds it too late to reverse anything he did or change any habit he has acquired. Also too little influence or authority to convince others about anything he has learnt belatedly. #lessons

42. In those days, when a man was pretty old and fell seriously ill, he died the ordinary way, after normal (for those days) medical attention. There were not many hifi hospitals. Now also he dies, but not before himself and family spending anxious hours/days/weeks at ICU, or he survives bereft of all quality of life. What more, govts feel it is their duty to provide such facility to one and all. #medical

43. To live in peace cannot be an endless goal. This is impractical, unnatural and greedy. This must at some stage be replaced with the prayer that one should die in peace. You can decide the stage, but decide you must. #death

44. A smiling face begets affection. A frozen face evokes fear or respect. #

45. The mosquitoes bite me because they are hungry and can't produce food. I kill them because it pains. Both are justifiable. But how come, we have two natural events that are at loggerheads with each other? #God

46. Some, when their case is weak in an argument will try to win their case by deploying appropriate doses of exaggeration, suppression and/or deft manipulation of facts, or lead you into side lanes of irrelevant stories to make you forget altogether where you started. @argument

47. Some, wherever they are, want to be centrestage all the time. Feel uncomfortable otherwise. These are dominant characters. They will not change. #dominance

48. Our decisions are usually based on the law of probability in the assessment of risk, and not on a comprehensive consideration of all the possibilities. Otherwise, nobody will ever board an airplane. #airtravel

49. Life is an ill lit highway. You grope your way through assumptions and belief that have no firm basis. Accidents may occur, you don’t know. But, you have no other go. #life

50. Everyman's life starts with hearsay info: "I was born my parents Shri..... and Smt..........". We talk of veracity, reliability and authenticity. Not that authenticity is downplayed, but this is where we stand in life. #authenticity


           Chapter 26 introduced in ebook of May 2019 on 28th Jan 2022 through link