01. Whenever there is aviation noise of aircraft in the sky at dead of night, one should think of the fact that scores of men and women, and may be children, of different ages, beliefs and nationalities(who have not seen one another before boarding, nor will ever see after alighting,)comfortably huddled together in plush seats,and hurtling through space ,at hectic speed,up and above the sky,and maybe the clouds,and may be over the deep seas,habited by nonhuman life in myriad forms,in pitch darkness and biting cold,for diverse purposes,which may include sundry or outright stupid social,or political purposes, and withobjectives from plans for meeting personal needs to upliftment of conditions of human life ,or designs for smuggling,murder,or spread of terror.If this is normal in life,what else is abnormal?#life

02. Ideas are for immediate execution, unless labelled otherwise. They cannot withstand the luxury of delay. #ideas

03. If your sound ideas go unnoticed, you may feel bad. But who knows whether you are the loser or others?.#ideas

04. Decisions churned out by the brain pass through the filter of the heart. With some people the heart is bypassed. With some others, the decisions originate from the heart itself with no role for the brain.#decisions

05. Saint Thiruvalluvar devoted whole chapter to extol the virtues of not killing for food. We praise him to the heavens but.......May be principles and practice are two different things and we should not confuse one with the other.. #vegetarian

06. Half the hall is full. Enough to satisfy the optimist. But, half empty will be the marketer's concern.And you can't blame him. #optimism

07. Even scintillating ideas will do better with cheer leaders, than without them. Such are the days!.#ideas

08. Money spent in detecting fraud, theft, murder and the like must be compensated by huge penalties/ confiscation of property from the guilty. There must also be a liberal dose of death penalty. Who is benefitted by somebody languishing in jail for years on end #crime

09. You can see a table there, but it may not be there actually. Just possible. It can be a mirror image. Maya theory simplified!#maya

10. More philosophy in mind, and less interest in continued living go together. #philosophy

11. All life is a compromise between propriety and feasibility ie. between what is proper and what is possible. #propriety.

12. The strange thing about FAITH is that, in fairness, we can neither accept nor reject it and be at ease. Because, questions will always arise on both sides, for which there can be no answer. #Faith

13. God is believed to be a problem solver. But, in the first instance, who creates the problem? Everything happens as ordained by God. Then...#God

14. The choice of a gift must be based on the need or desire of the receiver, and not on the inclination of the giver, it is said. May be true, but a little harsh on the giver. #gift

15. Lord Buddha said(or did he discover)that all misery stems from DESIRE. What is the use of telling this to the victims? He should have addressed the Maker. #desire

16. Sex is the only thing in the world that needs no marketing. Urge for the transaction is inbuilt. With what sinister objective, God implanted this device resulting in continuation of life, with all attendant misery ,He only knows.#God

17. Advice may be timely or ill timed, in context or out of context, well deserved or ill deserved, appropriate or inappropriate, sensible or stupid, warranted by public interest, mutual interest or selfish interest, approving or dissenting, requested for or unwarranted,paid for or honorary, well received or thoroughly misunderstood, promote or shatter friendliness, beget gratitude or create animosity, be gracefully accepted , silently rejected, or curtly rejected. Such is the risk in advice. (including this one) Beware!#advice

18. There was a report in TOI chennai edition, that an educated young man, who was shortly leaving for Kohima , his native place, was sentenced to 10
years in jail, because in a fit of rage in the course of a tussle at an ATM, he stabbed the ATM guard with the knife, he usually carried with him. Actually, if you come to think of it,10 years RI is harsher than even death penalty. This is not understood in our system of justice . What will he do in jail for 10 years, and what will he be like at the end of 10 years? And family ?#punish

19. Some companies print their user manual or text of traded document, in very fine print ,keeping only the availability of technology in mind, and in utter disregard for the need or capacity of the customer to read. This is deplorable. #read

20. God is a mystery. But the prevalence of Faith in the face of widespread of contra indications, is a deeper mystery.#GOD

21. If you look inside yourself, you will see God, or so it is claimed. But if you watch what all happens outside, you will wonder how it can be so. #God

22. The media has the undesirable practice of intensifying the sadness in happenings, by modulation of voice of the news reader, to a loud and raised pitch, and by appropriate suspense rich background music. That nobody objects shows the blunted social awareness. #news

23. Think we must. But whether we should think of only what makes us happy, or can think of all reality, which perhaps may make us feel unhappy, is probably a matter of personal choice ,whatever prudence may demand. #happy

24. We have giant size cut outs for cine stars who entertain us for a very fabulous price. But these days, photoes of parents have disappeared from
the walls, and are tucked inside albums opened rarely.They brought up children with care and affection and without expecting any return.I hear the young murmur "if they did not expect any return, what is the problem now?"#parents

25. In bygone days, brahmins had long hair or tuft as known, and this provided food for fun for dravidian parties. Now our villains have it, and ah! there is a transition of power centre also.#villains

26. What leads to sex crimes is not so much the anticipated pleasure of indulgence, as the intense discomfort from abstinence. This aspect should make the dispensers of justice, concentrate more on the punishment of the promoters of stimulation,, be they artists,actors,advertisers, or dress designers, than on
punishing the so called offenders who have already unwittingly succumbed to the physiological pressures intentionally exploited for profit by a variety of unprincipled groups enjoying enviable social status.#sexcrimes
27. What philosophical ideas may appeal to those on full stomach may not appeal to those on empty stomach. #philosophy

28. Story is fact mixed with fiction100%.News is fact 50 propaganda50..forecast is fact 50 assumption50..diplomacy is fact50 suppression50..Budget is fact 50 assumption 50 ..Faith is reason50 belief 50..Life is real50,maya50...#fiftyfifty

29. To look forward is a prospective based on assumption. To look around is a consideration of realities all around.. #reality

30. Faith encourages courage and optimism in preference to caution and realism. #faith

31. The sun is there even when the clouds obstruct the view .Truth is there even when camouflaged by calculated suppression or tactful diversion. #truth

32. The corruption in any power to grant anything, lies in the power to withhold,delay or deny that. #corruption

33. Everyman sees a different cinema in a different theatre, or travels by a different train in a different terrain. Their experience differs widely. Unfortunately they did not choose the theatre or train .They were placed there, and that shapes their attitude to life.#life

34. A tonne of happiness is no excuse or compensation for an ounce of misery. #misery

35. How can anybody explain how even the very kind hearted have no qualms in their treatment of animals and birds--when they catch, kill, cut and smash, heat and fry, add salt and pepper, for taste and munch without any feeling for their suffering?#kill

36. Marketing is of different kinds. Marketing for money is most common. But there can be marketing for name and fame also. Marketing of ideas in the public interest is of another class and is the most difficult one. #ideas

37. Faith consoles. Reason rebels. #faith

38. One lawyer coaches the witness. Another examines him with a view to discredit the witness.Both are supposed to help the judge arrive at the truth But they have (naturally!) greater loyalty to their clients The job of the judge becomes all the more difficult because of them. #justice

39. To keep the husband or wife away, you need a decree of court. To keep children away you need a strong mind. Relatively it is easier to keep parents away. (and in some cases may be pleasant too!).#parents

40.  A coy look, a mischievous wink, a casual look, angry pose, quick glance, considered attention, and calculated response, are all different reactions warranted in different situations. #look

 41. Imagination is an extension of thought and free ride in the realm of possibility piercing the borders at times. #imagination 2784.Patrol cars precede ministers' cars, when they are in power. Later when their misdeeds during this patrol grandeur comes to light, police cars follow them. #time

 42. Boredom results if there is continuous work and also if continuously there is no work to do. What we need is change. Rest from work, or some work after rest, as the case may be. Change is the need .Any mismatch can lead to undesirable consequences for the body/mind.#boredom

43. While young, if you call a long time friend several times and there is no response, you may wonder where he could have gone. In latter days, at sr citizen or super sr citizen level, you may wonder whether he has left for good!# oldage

44.  Arts and literature are benefitted by advances in science and technology. Otherwise, how can cine actors charge and be paid hundreds ofcrores as remuneration ? But science and technology are not benefitted by Arts and Literature. Is there any billionaire scientist?#science

45.  The position regarding justice/injustice is very clear. If there is a God, He will take care of it. If He does not, you can't do a thing. If there is no god, then also there is nothing you can do about. In any case, you have no role to play. #justice

46.Police vigilantly crack on criminals.Lawyers diligently defend criminals.Courts vigorously protect the rights of criminals under all circumstances.No wonder crime thrives.#crime

47.  We have windows to see through, and window screens to prevent others from seeing through.#see

48. Who are you? You come with a ready answer.I am so and so, born at .....on such and such a date/month/year to parents so and so. All hearsay evidence. It all happenned before you could understand anything!# life

49. Positive thinkers think that a contingency will arise ,only if you are constantly thinking of it. So they keep no contingency plans. The correctness of the theory will be known only if, a contingency indeed arises, but then it may be too late wriggle out. #positivethinking

 50. Patrol cars precede ministers' cars when the ministers are in power. In some caes they have to follow the same cars when the ministers are out of office.#police