....Many apps are free. In some cases, they will land you in hell. That is also free!

....For some, sympathy is solace. For some others it is an irritant.

....Some succumb to the course of visiting misfortune at very first sight. Some others face nonchalantly, strive,survive

    and thrive. Quality of material.

....Good and great ideas will not spread like forest fire.

.... The bulk of readers want to lighten the burden in the brain, and not to saddle it with additional load.

.... Ideas may remain unsold till discovery of their worth, or till eternity as destined.

.... The nature of a book decides the extent of reception from the readers. The lighter the vein, the larger the readership.

.... Spreading an idea is also marketing. But with a difference. The idea is not to please the customer but to enlighten him.

.... A doctor prescribes what the patient's body needs and not what the patient likes to have. This applies to writers also

    when it comes to expression of ideas. He writes what, he thinks, the society needs to know and not what the society

      likes to read.

.... People who are now pretty old were once young. But the young were not old at anytime before. Herein lies the plus

     point of experience .Of course, allowance has to be made for technological advances over the years, but still some

    life experiences are valid for all times.

.... In politics, honesty, capacity, knowledge, qualification, practical experience, public interest, sacrificial temperament,

     real concern for the needy have all no place. Have cash and rhetoric? Then jump into fray.Then sky is the limit.


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